tragus piercings?

  1. For those of you who have them, what do you ladies have in your tragus piercings? Right now I have a teeny tiny CBR that I generally just leave in, but I'd really like to change it out a bit more, and especially for my wedding. Pictures are welcome~!
  2. What is a tragus? I'm not sure if mine is pierced or not. I don't know if I even have a tragus. Are they expensive? If they are, I probably can't afford one. Or could I think I have a tragus but it is really a fake?

  3. LOL!! I didn't know what a tragus was either!

    But, now that I've seen the pic below, I think that it would probably be nice for the OP to remove her tragus earring for her wedding.

    Never realised what a tragus was until I read this thread! Learn something new every day! :yes:
  4. Oh, OK, Thanks! I looked, and counted, and I have two. One on each ear. But they are not adorned in any way. What I might do is put a faux one, like my faux nose ring, which has a whole thread all its own, you can read all about it there if you haven't already and want to which of course you do.

    For the wedding, I would do just a very small, elegant little homage to whatever earrings you will be wearing. For instance, if your earrings will be pearl chandeliers, do one little seed pearl in one tragus, and leave the other one undecorated.
  5. How about something like this?

  6. Or this?

  7. i like that. i already have my other earrings (teensy diamond studs in my 2nd and 3rd holes, and some pretty diamony/pearl drops for my 1st) so something like that would go wonderfully.

    i would just leave it out, except knowing me, i'll forget to put something back in and it'll close up while i'm on my honeymoon. besides...its part of me!
  8. I do do! I actually never went to change the hoop that I had put in when I got the piercing. It's time for a change though. Hmm, I just noticed that you can barely see the piercing in that pic...(sorry) :push:
  9. I didn't know what a tragus was either. I would say remove for the Wedding.
  10. For a wedding, I'd do a diamond stud if your piercing is straight and not curved. My tragus has been pierced for over 10yrs and was done with a hook (curved piercing) so I've never removed it as I've never seen a curved post stud. Can curved piercings take a straight post???
  11. no, bad idea, especially in the tragus which is more cartilage than soft skin. you know how you can put curved earring posts in your earlobes, like when you wear certain hoops? that's b/c it's pierced through skin, but tragus is a different story!
  12. btw, if you can't find anything curved that is especially meant for the tragus, try looking at eyebrow piercings. those are often curved and come in a variety of gauges and lengths.
  13. FALLAX COR thanks for the tip! I thought straight posts in a curved piercing was a bad idea...
  14. that's a great idea...i'm not sure if mine is straight or curved lol. i have a hoop in it now, but i've put straight in before, and when they did it...i honestly dont remember what type of jewelry they put in lol (it was several years ago)