Tragedy today at the Mall of America

  1. I am freaking out! I was pulling up into the parking garage at the mall of america today around 1 o'clock and they had the first level blocked off (I thought it might be full being that it is sunday). But then i go to walk across the street to the mall and i have to go up another level because the one i parked on was blocked off with yellow police crime scene tape! All right now, I'm confused. So I walk up a level and proceed to walk across the skyway. I see all these security guards on the left side of the skyway and see tons of people starring down at the street below. I look down and to my horror i see what i presume to be a dead or dying person covered in a sheet. I will spare the graphic details but it was not pretty. I tried to ask what happened but the mall police were yelling at people to keep walking and that there was nothing to see here. People were trying to take pictures and were going into the parking garage and starring. It was so surreal. I went into starbucks and while i was ordering my drink i asked the barista if they had heard what happened and they knew nothing about it. There was a cheerleading competition going on in the middle of the mall and the mall was very busy. I tried to shop but couldn't get it out of my head. I left the same way I came in a few hours later and they had everything back to normal. People were pointing that out to each other. I guess that about sums it up. This is the kinda thing I just never thought I'd see. My heart goes out to the victim and his or her family. There will most certainly be a news report on this tonight. I will keep you posted.
  2. That is terrible. I hate coming up on accidents and tragedies it always makes me feel so bad for the families and makes me think that it could happen to anyone. My prayers are with them too.
  3. Oh no!

    How sad. I was on my way there today around that time, but decided to shop downtown instead. It gets very, very busy during the noon hours.
  4. I guess it didn't upset you too much since you continued to get coffee and shop. Just saying.
  5. You never expect to be around something like that. It must've been a shocking sight. Maybe it will be explained on tonight's news in Mpls/St. Paul.

    A month ago, while shopping at a mall in Charlotte, someone died when her car hit a post in a parking deck. Going out to my car (I wasn't in the deck) the wrecked car was visible. Very sad to see the story on tv and know someone died, yet it was so lucky no one else was injured.
  6. Well, I can only hope this person died of natural causes. Or maybe an overdose of January sales shopping? Sorry for the bad joke.

  7. I think that's a bit harsh...
  8. actually, i wouldn't be surprised if there wasn't a news report. malls are VERY tight-lipped when stuff like this goes on because they don't want to attract negative attention or make people feel unsafe shopping.
  9. Wow! How scary. I hope it was just an accident and ther person lived. Must have been a shock to see it.

  10. It is very normal for a person to do what she did. The human mind's way of dealing with the unthinkable is to immediately revert to something 'normal' as a means of coping. It's called "auto-pilot".

    Ask anyone with post traumatic stress disorder knows how that works.
  11. ^^Absolutely. For many, many people this "continuing with life" is the only way they can cope with the harsh realities of life.

    The reality of it is, life does not come to a full stop when something bad happens...your MIND will function better if you continue along your path. Always being thankful of what you DO have and that the tragedy did not include you.
  12. oh... i was supposed to go to MOA in the afternoon... but we were running late, and ended up not going since they close at 7pm on Sundays. i'm curious as to what happened... i'm sorry you had to see that. i guess i'm glad i wasn't there to see it, as i would've been upset and disturbed as well.
  13. ^^^^^

    Excatly what else could she have done in the circumstances?
  14. What was she supposed to do in that situation?

    It would have been odd if she continued shopping if the victim was a friend or a member of her family.
  15. What a horrible tragedy. And to be witness to something so disturbing too! Props to the OP...going out your daily business after witnessing something is of course one way to cope and completely understandable. It is almost like going numb or on autopilot.

    Be good to yourself, OP...if you're still feeling upset or anxious about what you witnessed please seek counseling. XXXOO PGal