Traffic court...

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  1. i've been to traffic court once...i have an SUV with a V8 and a lead foot...65 in a 45...

    the only part that was a little creepy was that the judge told us (traffic court is usually held in a big group, there'll be a lot of other people there) that we were being arraigned. i never, in my entire life, though that i would be arraigned for something! but my offense didn't require me to appear before the judge (i thought it did because it would have if i was in one of the 8 metro-Atlanta counties, the traffic laws if you're under 21 are more strict there. i was in Athens-Clarke, so that law didn't apply), i just paid my fine and left, they should let you know if that's the situation.

    and honestly, i wasn't impressed with the type of people that were there, you're probably going to be the most responsible-looking one, so just tell the truth and get a lawyer if you need on and you should be fine.
  2. witlessz, I was cruising along the highway when this cop pulled in in front of me from the right lane and then turn his lights & sirene on. Then he started driving on 3 lanes (eventually 6 lanes, after the merge) at once. I didn't know at the time that this is what cops do in CA to stop traffic. But anyways, regardless, I slowed down and followed other cars, and this goes on for a good 10 mins. Eventually he stopped on the rightmost lane, and people driving besides me starts to pass. I followed traffic and slowly moved up (still behind other cars that passed earlier). The next thing I know that cop was behind me and pulled me over, apparently I tried to "pass him on the left side" and gave me a ticket after harrassing me about whether I can read and whether I knew the difference between a postal truck, ice cream truck, and CHP car :cry:
  3. I've been to traffic court a few times in the past.... And I have a Master's Degree in Traffic Safety School ;). Don't worry about it, nobody is going to abuse a first timer. At my worst (more than ten years ago), I had three tickets in one year, nobody in the court even blinked. Just got my first ticket since 1995 a few months ago.... :suspiciou
  4. As a teen I was a traffic court regular...I've since changed my ways. The judge may offer traffic school even if you haven't gone yet...if the judge offers that option...go! I swear I've been 3 or 4 times.