Traditonal Wallets VS. All-round-zip Wallets????


Which model do you prefer?

  1. Zip around wallet - holds everything safely, makes a good clutch too!

  2. Traditional wallet - classic shapes!

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  1. I've been in the market for a while now. I have a Orla Kiely all around zip wallet in a beautiful blue leather but it's wearing out.

    I'm eyeing a new Bottega Veneta wallet - but i'm undecided about styles.

    On one hand even though it's a new style I love the zip around. I like that nothing falls out of it - and that it can be carried as a clutch in a pinch.


    Perhaps if i'm purchasing a "high end" wallet I should go with a more traditional style.

    How does everyone feel about zip around (long) wallets?

    Does anyone have one by a high end designer? (I was also eyeing the Balenciaga zip around).

    Feedback very much appreciated!!!! :flowers:
  2. I just recently graduated to a wallet from using my mini pochette as a wallet and I'm finding I'm paranoid about things falling out. I got a traditional kind. After I get used to the idea of a wallet, I'm definitely going to look into an all around zip wallet because I'm frequently switching bags and throwing my wallet into a large bag (diaper bag, work bag, etc.) so my wallet gets juggled around quite a bit and I like the security of the zipper.
  3. ^^Interesting. I used to think that zip around wallets were trendy. But everyone seems to be doing them now.
  4. *bump*
  5. I agree. They definitely make you feel like your stuff is safer inside (the zip around kind), but I haven't brought myself to buying one 'cos I think they're a little.. say.. less pretty! I have yet to find a zip-around that will charm me. Open to suggestions, girls!
  6. I have several Lodis and Abas clutch wallets. They come in pretty colours and different textures. The Abas ones are larger though. Anyhow I have those wallets and aren't zipped up but they snap and keep everything in and you can use it as a clutch.
  7. i am thinking about getting a zip around wallet next although i have gotten used to my classic coach wallet, i really think the zip around may be a bette design.
  8. beaux, i'm not loving the zip around wallet :p
    i find it a hassle to zip and unzipped it everytime i let out my hmm.... CC for shopping LOL

    i prefer something with a click on :p
    i'm using my LV multicolore PTI now and lovign it because it keeps me organised, lots of places for cards, check books, even small pen ;)
    the multicolore also have lots of hm... multi colours LOL that'll perfecly compliment any colour of ur b bags

    but i just bought a traditional LV panda bifold wallet to carry when going with smaller bags

    even on a more lazy days, i just carry my zip balenciaga mini mini coin purse ;)

    g luck girlll
  9. Missmustard, does this cut the mustard?

    The two tone colours are really pretty.
  10. This is the one i'm looking at:


    I like how the weave is uninterrupted, if that makes sense. Also that I could use it as a clutch?

    Here's their traditional wallet, just picture if it were longer:

  11. if you have tons of credit cards and receipt-horder like i am id definitely go for the zip around! i used to have a girbaud continental wallet and it always looked like it was about to burst. i recently switched to a damier organizer and i love it! fits my checkbook, passport, credit cards and receipts! good luck! :biggrin:
  12. I voted for zip around wallet.
  13. me too.
    I tried a zip around and found the LV pti with a snap closure was much better for me.
  14. keep 'em coming!
  15. i have only had traditional ones. now i am looking for a zip for my next one!