Traditional Hardware (with Tassels) VS. Giant Hardware (no Tassels)!


Which hardware do you prefer?

  1. The smaller traditional hardware (be it pewter or brass).

  2. The new larger style (gold) hardware.

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Since we PF ladies (and gents) are on the cutting edge of all things Balenciaga, I wanted to take a poll and see what we all think of the new hardware now that some time has passed.

    At first it seemed like a lot of us were against it - now the tide seems to be turning - however a SA at NM tells me that the Giant still isn't selling as well as the traditional.

    No haters here - ALL balenciaga's are beautiful bags. Just more of an informal poll. :heart:
  2. I :heart: all bbags, but lately have been drawn to the gh bags. Not getting rid of my classics, but seem to reach for the gh bags more. Right now I am only buying gh, with the exception of firsts (as evening bags). I am also excited about the possibility of silver gh.
  3. I love them both equally - lol!
  4. Definitely GH for me. I didn't even notice bbags before GH was introduced. No comparison.
  5. I prefer traditional hardware. I am yet to own any GH bbag. I don't mind the GH, but I am going to miss the tessels. Why can't they have GH with tessels *rant*.
  6. ^^Good point, maybe that would have been a better poll? I too love the tassels - they're what make a b-bag a b-bag to me.

  7. Honestly, I don't think that tassels would go well with GH. I think it would be too much going on. Just my take on it..
  8. I love the tassles so much so RH for me.

    GH is too blingy for me kinda like Fergie.
  9. At first, I thought the GH was a tad gawdy but more and more I look at them, they really make the colors pop. Will have to go with GH.
  10. I am a RH girl! First, I do not like gold. But I do admit a lot of PFers have AWESOME bags in's just not for me. One bag I REALLY hope they make in RH is the New Hobo style. I LOVE IT!
  11. Hey, i just voted my choice...i still prefer the smaller hardware beneath is pewter or brass....thanks:dothewave:
  12. :lol: Exactly!

    Although, I would point out, I do love it on the Brief. And there are some PFers who pull it of magnificently... It's fun to look at on some people, but not anything I plan to buy.

    Not crazy about the extra weight either. :yucky:
  13. My 1st, 2nd and 3rd(!!!) Bags were GH. I really didn't notice BBags until GH either. However, once I had GH I realized I needed and wanted some RH BBags too.

    Although, I absolutely favor the GH!
  14. I prefer the traditional hardware but I still think the GH is very pretty.
  15. I like both, but for ME I like the RH. Like other's have said, the GH is too blingy for me, personally.