Traditional charm bracelet

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  1. I decided I needed a new white gold bracelet yesterday. I mostly wear Tiffany's bracelets, but I'm honestly tired of needing to shine them up so often to make them look their best so white gold is the way to go. I thought a traditional charm bracelet would be something nice. My grandmother used to wear one and I loved the stories behind each charm. I went to my local jeweler and picked out the bracelet but the charms need to be ordered out of a catalog and I'm rethinking the size I picked out for the charm. It might be kind of small. What do you ladies think? Do I want them to be about the size of the Return to Tiffany Tag bracelet charm? Because I wear that one often but I'm trying to determine if charms going all the way around a bracelet in that size would get too bulky. Thanks for your help!
  2. I think all the charms that big would b too much
  3. Depending on the charms you choose will depend on the bulk. I have charms of different sizes, but need to rearrange them since the placement of two of my charms caused another charm to fall off. I'll try to post a picture later so you can see the charms/size. It's the Tiffany Heart Toggle bracelet with Rembrandt charms and a few Tiffany disc/heart charms.
  4. I love charm bracelets too! If you plan to have lots of charms on the new bracelet, it's better if they're much smaller than the Tiffany charms. Big charms like that really get in the way if you use that same hand for writing. Do you plan to wear it on that hand? Don't forget to have them sotered (not sure how to spell it) on so that they'll never fall off the bracelet.
  5. Gre8dane, I would love to see a pic if you could! And if anyone else would like to share theirs that would be helpful!

    BigBagLady, I didn't even think about the charms getting in the way when I write and I will be wearing it on the same hand that I use. Good point!:biggrin:
  6. Here is my charm bracelet with Tiffany charms/discs, Rembrandt charms & misc charms. You can see there is a missing charm in the middle between the Tiffany heart & disc. My American flag broke off so I'm going to rearrange the charms. I have a few more to add and then I'll stop. I wear this bracelet everyday and it comes on & off throughout the day when I write. I love this bracelet!
    The charms are:
    Tiffany heart (came with toggle bracelet), Teacup, Tiffany Naughty/Nice, Viking ship, Capitol, Little Mermaid, White House, Locket, Tiffany disc, American flag (missing), Tiffany XL heart, Purse, Passport, Dog tag, Globe, Crown, Flip Flops, Tiffany disc


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  7. Thanks Gre8Dane for posting a pic! It's so unique! I like how your charms are various sizes, it definitely makes the bracelet look more personal.
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