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  1. I have read like 3 post tonight about people looking for other ways to sell thier bags and it got me thinking...
    Have any of you ever considered or tried swapping your bags for other bags or items?
    There are sites such as but, about 90% of the bags on there are fake but, I'm just giving that site as an example.
    A lot of women on here just sell thier bags to fund new bags so, maybe swapping wouldn't be too bad of an idea especially if there was somewhere TPFers could go to swap with eachother.

    Basically how it would work is, you post pictures of bags you would possibly be willing to swap out ( as do other people ) then, if someone contact you about your bag, you can look through thier list of swap items and see if they have anything you'd be willing to swap for and respond to the person accordingly.

    I'm just trying to offer ideas for other options for everybody. Bonanzle seems to be working pretty good for some of you but, I'm sure others would like something to get things going a little more. Just weighing the options!
  2. I think it's a super idea.
  3. I've thought about that many times, and I've seen it discussed before. But one would face the same difficulties in terms of scammers, though PayFoe and the bay would be out of the picture. Many people are already doing this through groups (e.g., yahoo groups) in which membership is restricted to those approved by the groups' moderators, so it's a bit safer, but the options are significantly limited.
  4. yup, what would you do if you sent your bag to someone but never get their bag in exchange ? it's not like you'd have paypal to fall back on or chargeback.
  5. I believe that swapping on TPF is also restricted to marketplaza members.
  6. i have swapped a few bags on swapstyle. im telling you that site is dead. i PM girls they don't get back to me. No matter how long you have been swapping (example, on MUA i have over 300 tokens). it doesn't matter, the swapping partner on Swapstyle can have 1 token and if your new your "expected" to send first. :tdown:

    no way, that site was a waste of my time. and you are correct, i sell bags on the bay to fund for other styles. i am hoping that eventually i will qualify to get into the tpf marketplace.

    i follow the rules here and do not do any transactions via PM (even swapping)

    everyonce in a while i will contact a seller (on another site) that has a bag i had been watching that didn't sell and i wanted it, i contact them and ask if they are going to relist or if they are looking to purchase a different style. or maybe i have a bag that would sell faster than the one they had. its risky so i don't do it often.

    i have swapped bags on Makeupalley. sometimes i can really score. others not always.
  7. I like the idea but there's too many concerns that's already been brought up. I have plenty of bags I no longer want and would gladly trade for a different one but unless you really know the person your doing the swapping with and can trust them it's really too much of a risk.
  8. I really want to trade my chanel bag, but i'm too worried I will swap for a fake, or nothing at all, and never get my pst back!
  9. I didn't know that, thanks! I just thought that MP was for selling or something. I didn't know they swapped in there.

  10. How does one qualify to become a member of tpf marketplace? Thanks. :smile:
  11. i believe you have to apply. be a member for 5 months i think? and have a certain amount of posts.
  12. Thanks! :smile:

  13. Thanks for the do you apply?
  14. Thanks for the info, Charlie!