Trading Tanning Beds for Self-Tanning?

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  1. Have any of you been successful with trading time in tanning beds for self-tanning products or Mystic-Tan to get good color results?

    I really, really want to give up on tanning, but I do not want to be ne of those orange girls I see in the malls. Is it possible to get great color without tanning?
  2. I do mystic and i love too scared of skin cancer to do beds. :sad: haha...
  3. I have tried sun beds, but I limit it to once every 2 weeks (5 minutes every time), and the rest, I tan naturally (but smartly) and use self tanner when i don't have the time.
  4. try mystic tan one time, I'm almost positive you'll switch over:yes:
    I use at home self tanner and am happy, but I have several friends that use mystic tan and I had NO idea until they told me. I thought they were lying in the beds.
  5. It's not a tanner, per se, but Oil of Olay has this lotion that moisturizes your skin and gives you a hint of a sun-kissed look.
  6. i use the oil of olay lotion too. the smell is much more appealing than others on the market and it doesn't streak or look unnatural
  7. ^Does this Oil of Olay lotion smell like other self-tanning products? I would use self-tanners, but the problem when I use it is my skin itches the next day, and these tiny bumps appear where I have applied to lotion. I must be allergic to the ingredient that turns the skin tan. I also don't like the peculiar smell of self-tanners.
  8. I actually went for the Clairns self tanner application at a Clairns Spa yesterday to see if a professional applied the self tanner if it would come out better. I went for the medium color & I think it looks pretty good but to a non tanner it would look natural but since I love the sun & can tell the difference, it did look a tad orangy
  9. I still don't get why people think tanning beds are safe. My friend just started back again doing this and her skin looks horrible. She is only in her early 40's and looks 10 years older. Her face is showing wrinkles and I think did you ever hear of skin cancer? Another friend got a job at a tanning salon so she looks way too tan. UGH.... I would switch to a fake tan and I am sure there are places that do a good job. I think Allure magazine might have information on their website on places to go to.
  10. Does anyone else have a problem with self-tanner turning your eyebrows orange?

    I have always used SPF on my face every day, so I get little or no color on my face from the beds. I use bronzer for color, but I would prefer the loner lasting color self-tanner gives. But like I said, my eyebrows turn orange.

    And I can't stand the look of orange knees, elbows, and heels.
  11. shoeangel-Congrats on saying farewell to the tanning beds--THEY ARE NO GOOD PERIOD. Skin Cancer, Wrinkles, Dry Skin, Eye Damage, Ruining a nice pale manicure. There are so many self tanners out there you will find one that works for you. You will just need to experiment. I've tried the Mystic, but didn't like it. I use Loreal Sublime Glow in medium and it looks very good and everyone comments on my skin. NOT on my fake tan.
  12. shoe-to avoid orange eyebrows, just coat them with some thick cream or even vaseline. I use a thick cream all the way around my hairline, eyebrows, and also on my knees, elbows, feet, and hands to avoid the excess color from being deposited in those dryer, thinner skinned areas.
  13. I don't use it, I was just suggesting it.

    Ilikebeingpale - but that healthy, porcelein, I've been taking Vitamin D to make up for staying out of the sun kind of pale. Not that sickly I look like I've been locked in the attic for six years type of pale.

    But I understand that some people like to be tan. And I applaud people for finding healthier alternatives to tanning than sun or tanning beds.
  14. I think the smell of tanning lotions are much better than they used to be.
    If you are scared about orange marks, try the progressive tanning hydrating lotions, it builds on the tan gradually , apply everyday until you reach the tan you want, then every 2-3 days.
    Always avoid knees and elbows, and put some vaseline on your eyebrows.
    "Buid a tan" Neutrogena or Johnson's holiday skin

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  15. I just tried to micro self tanner from neutrogena in the aerosol can and I love it. It barely feels like anything and the coverage is even. I tried the Dove lotion with a hint of tanner and it turned me orange.