Trading soda for water... best thing that's ever happened

  1. So, my New Year's resolution was to eat healthy and get fit (whose isn't, right?). Coming back to school with back-to-back lectures on high blood pressure and cholesterol definitely got me going to the gym. I finally gave up soda completely on the 1st, cold turkey. I was always a big Mountain Dew fan, so I thought I would have caffeine withdrawal issues or something. But I've felt amazing! Way better than I ever felt drinking soda all the time.

    I've always been bad about drinking water... bad to the point of not drinking ANY throughout the day. I'm sure my body is love this 8 8oz glasses a day business. I feel healthier, have more energy and don't feel tired/dehydrated. Just some encouragement to all the other soda ladies out there (surely I wasn't the only one who waited this long to jump on the water bandwagon?).
  2. Good for you! I cut out the soda a few months ago (which was long over due) and I feel great!!! I might have one once in a while but I really don't crave it much anymore! I prefer drinking water or unsweetened tea or a pellegrino, drinks like that!
  3. Congratulations!! As part of my New year's resolution, I will be drinking more water as well. It's not that I don't like it, it's that I just forget about drinking the full 8 glasses. I did buy a digital water bottle Sportline Hydracoach this weekend that will 'remind' me to drink up. :smile: Can't wait to start using it on Monday!
  4. Good for you! That is a great to cut pop out of your diet, I can't name one good thing about any type of pop at all. I've always been a water person, it's really the only thing I drink with the exception of sprite once in a while, but that's not often. It's just really unhealthy all around, so that's wonderful that you are cutting it out completely!!
  5. Soda is the worst thing for your body. I haven't drank any in years. I actually don't drink any carbonated drinks.
  6. I stopped drinking soda years ago on a dare! I was the soda queen, like I had them for breakfast!

    A friend of mind that was into fitness/healthy eating said I was addicted and he bet I could not stop drinking them. I never turn down a good bet. I won. I forgot what I won though?! Every now and again (every few months) I'll get a taste for one and try to drink one, but I can only get a couple of sips own because they taste sooo strong to me now!!
  7. I'm trying to cut my consumption down this year! Last year I switched from regular to diet. And now I've gone from about 2 liters a day to 24 oz. a day! I had a raging headache the first day.....but not anymore.
    I still love the fizz going down my throat.
    My goal is to get to one a day!
  8. ^Twiggers if you love the fizz, can you try to substitute Izze soda? They're made of sparking water and fruit juice. Its how I weaned myself off high fructose corn syrup sodas... I allow myself a glass a day still though haha
  9. As a Diet Coke addict, I applaud you! I bet I drink at least 4 diet cokes a day...sometimes more. This is awful, but I think I've gone for a week before without drinking water. At work I try to make myself drink more water by filling up my Nalgene water bottle, but that goes in spurts...This guy at work was telling me that he cut out diet coke altogether and switched to green tea and he feels so much better. He was having dizzy spells and they've totally gone away since switching to green tea.
  10. Congrats!!!!

    I gave up soda MANY MANY years ago. Just the thought of it now grosses me out.
  11. Goodluck, you won't miss it. I don't really care for sodas. Once in a great while, I'll have a craving for a sip of coke, and that's it. Dh use to drink a can or 2 a day and now he's down to maybe 2 or maybe 3 cans a week. He's replace that with more glasses of water.
  12. Diet Coke is the worst thing I ever discovered. I used to drink regular Coke but I would gain too much weight, so I rarely drank it. Then, I met my bf who lives on Diet Coke and he got me to start drinking it. I now drink about 2 bottles a day which is terrible considering all the bad stuff you hear about aspartame. I just hate the taste of water.
  13. used to be a coke fiend myself but have cut down recently, only cos i've been so busy that i hardly get my hands on any soda! to be honest, i don't feel any different ):
  14. I did the same thing this past summer and I was amazed at just how easy it was. I got to the point very quickly where I preferred not to order Dr. Pepper b/c it seemed so sickeningly sweet and thick. Now water and tea are about the only things I care to drink. WTG!
  15. Thanks for all the support ladies! It was surprisingly easy for me to do, as well. I hate the taste of water, but now everything else seems so strong, even though Crystal Light mix ins!