Trading on ebay?

  1. Is it possiable to find something on eBay and instead of buying it (no money is exchanged) you can offer something to the seller to trade. Maybe it can be around the same value or it just be something you both are willing to trade. I heard some talk about it but haven't seen anything on eBay. What do you guys think? have you ever done trading?
  2. i'm pretty sure that eBay does NOT permit bartering through its site. i have heard of trading though on different avenues, like on makeupalley where people trade their cosmetics.
  3. EBay does not allow that. You can definitely get suspended if it is found out that you did that. I have to admit, I have done it once before, but I was no nervous until I got the item that I will never do it again. Problem is, you HAVE to do it outside of eBay, so it is a risk. If there is no money exchange, then you have to trust that person will actually send you the item, because if they don't, what can you do???? There is no Paypal payment to fall back on ...nothing! In my case, we exchanged handbags that were supposedly the same price and quality. We were both lucky that the other person DID send the bag. (Again, always a risk) She loved her bag that I sent her, but when I received mine, it was damaged and the leather was ripping in one area. She was very nice about it and offered to take it back, but I loved the style and chose to keep it. I had to have it fixed and shelled out a good bit to have it repaired properly. Be careful....
  4. I don't think that's allowed...Someone offered to do this with me once, but I declined. I think the whole idea is kinda scary.
  5. I don't like the idea as I'm on ebay as a business... and I'd rather create cashflow. Trading an item is just opening up a can of worms for the number of things that could go wrong.