Trading Limited Edition Bags on Ebay??

  1. okay so i found a limited edition bag on eBay. I am IN LOVE. the person only has 28 feedback. and it doesnt show if shes sold any LV. I am not an expert at telling if Suhali is authentic or not...but it looks good to me (i will of coarse post in the authenticate this...but it seems like any time i post there....within minutes the item is snatched from right under my nose) anyways...she wants a couple thousand for it which seems reasonable, i just dont have that kind of cash. so i asked her if she would trade maybe some of my limited edition LV plus cash for hers. She said she was interested...

    and then we came to the problem do we do it. we dont know each other so...cant go on trust alone. i have been trying to think of ways...i really dont know how. I am an honest person/seller. (not to mention...i kinda have been wanting to get rid of my small bags anyways) but how do you know about something else. the only thing i could think was that we ship at the same time....but then what if she sends an empty package or something.

    ahhhhhh. what would you guys do?? I guess we could always meet up and exchange in person?? OHH i just checked...she only lives a couple hrs from me!:yahoo:
  2. I don't know......I almost was scammed by a gal on eBay. She wanted to meet me to pay me for a bag I was selling on eBay. Thank goodness that I didn't....she scammed people on eBay out of thousands. She never worked here in Vegas as she told me. She had addresses all over CA. I would just be very, very careful. You never know.
  3. I think it's be safest to meet an exchange to do via post poses all sorts of problems


    if you do meet this person make sure you are not alone and do it in a very public place
  4. oh yeah i would be with my bf and probably a lot of his friends.

    P.S. I know mods will probably think this belongs in the ebay thread section...but i thought since its about Louis Vuitton...i wanted opinions from the Louie ppl...vs just everyone....if you want to move it your more than welcome to though. I just figured it'd get more views this way.
  5. ITA- I have never traded with anyone on ebay, only purchased and sold. Meeting in person sounds like the safest bet.
  6. lol. scares me. lol. i just hate to think trusting my bags to the post and trusting someone i dont know. scammers are everywhere. lol. this lady seems nice but...idk....i would just feel best meeting up i suppose. lets see what she says....then i'll give her my phone number so we can talk.
  7. I think its a good Idea if its a bag you want. But please be careful. Good luck :smile:
  8. Sounds like a good idea in theory if you're able to agree on value. Is it possible to meet at a LV store so that you can it double checked before handing over all of yours?

    I do think it would be worth the drive to meet in person and as others have said definitely not alone. I'm a trusting person and if your gut says she's ok, I'd take the chance!
  9. Hmmm, maybe you could buy her item and pay for it with paypal and then she can buy your stuff through paypal. Then it's like you paid her but she pays you right back. I know it sounds silly to pay the paypal fees when you are essentially just trading, but then each of you has protection which might be worth it in the long run. Just a thought....
  10. hmm....idk..i have had def bad luck with paypal...i dont know how they choose to pick sides....but i know i am never the winning side. i have sent things out before...with delivery confirmation...and it said they got it, i shipped to the confirmed address...yet they still took the money back. the person said it was a fraudulent was sent to their house...and they never returned the merchandise.

    it happens when kids play around with paypal and ebay. they buy something, then mommy and daddy check the credit card bills the next month,. dont recognize the charge and call it in. then i lose money and merchandise. lol...sorry...a little bitter at paypal.

    i like to use them only when i have to.
  11. Both of you build your own auction for what each wants to sell to the other. On Ebay you can set up an auction for designated allowable bidders only. Each of you list the other as the designated allowed bidder for that auction and behold, each of you has won each others auction. It works! Ebay will of course extend fees, but it is probably worth their fees to be able to complete a transaction. good luck
  12. If I could meet up with the person, then I would, but that's if I'm able to authenticate the purse. In your case, since you're not that familiar with Suhali, how would you know if her item is authentic even if you meet up?
  13. well obviously i would be able to tell in person...just by feel and close inspection. not to mention...she lives close to an LV we could always meet up there. when i say not familiar...i mean not an expert..not that i have no idea what it is. i have already heard from other tpfers that they think it is authentic.
  14. not to mention, i have never seen a good leather fake in ANY brand of bag.

  15. This was my thought too, pain I know but at least you both have cover.