trading bags

  1. just want some in put...

    I have the option to trade(a friend) my coussin gm and lv agenda for a chloe baby paddy...

  2. I have traded quite a few bag with my friends. If you really want the chloe then go for it.
  3. ^^I agree!
  4. thanks ..
  5. ~I guess that since I LOVEE LV, I only would trade for another LV...I don't carry any other bags. As LVobsessed415 has stated, if that's what you wanted then go for it. Just make sure it's equal in value...that way you'll not regret after the fact...~
  6. If you have other LV's you love, and you don't think you'll miss these, then I say go for it. I love the paddy. What color is it?
  7. trying to decide between the castor and whiskey... leaning more towards the whiskey.
  8. Personally, I only carry LV and would not trade for anything but more LV, but if you love the Chloe than do it!
  9. I didn't like the size of the coussin gm personally. It was just a little too small! If you will use the Chloe and you won't miss the coussin, then GO for it!!! New bags are always FUN!
  10. GO for it if you love the chloe :biggrin: