Trading Assistants? Anyone have any dealings with them?


Mar 13, 2008
I have a few items I am wanting to sell but I am pretty wary about it since I am not terribly ebay savvy. I have only bought 2 things on there and one of those I even goofed up on, I thought it was for an actual how to book on golf but when I bought it all I got was a copy of an ad telling me where to buy the book. I was very confused by the whole thing but that was my fault for not reading all the fine print. Anyway I was thinking of selling a few items but I am kinda nervous about it so I went on there and saw the things about trading assistants ( the frop off locations and the individuals who sell your stuff for you). It seems like a good idea but when I looked up the ones in my area there were only about 5 or 6 that were within an hours drive. 1 of them seems to specialize in just automotive type items, 1 has been selling only electronic and business type items, 1 is antiques and the other 2 are kinda a mish mash of all things. However when I checked the profiles for the 2 that were selling clothing and accessories they both had kinda iffy feedback. One of them had 11 negatives in 6 months. The other had fewer negs but quite a few neutrals. What do you guys suggest? Has anyone ever used the trading assistant program? Or should I just venture into selling on my own?


always : Bonnie Cashin
Jan 26, 2012
This thread is an old one but it would be nice to get some new posts to the original question OP posted here...It is a good question...Wondering if anyone has any good/bad dealings with *bay Trading Assistants...
P.s. Mods, sorry if OP's question has been answered somewhere else...will go and do some research/readings on this subject on our forum...