Tradesy's F 2020 40% off sale?

Nov 29, 2016
HI Friends,

Does anyone know what's going on with this sale? The website says extra 40% off today, but it is unclear how to claim that offer. The sale items to not appear to be premarked 40% off. Any ideas?
Nov 29, 2016
Assuming you are referring to Tradsey, it says 40% off select bags. I'm assuming the ones that have been selected have been marked accordingly, and quite possibly are off retail..
Yes, Tradesy. Typo. I am shivering in my unheated office.

Yes, select bags, but the math doesn't work.

If you click on Shop Now, that takes you to the selected bags. The first bag is the BV shoulder bag with long fringe. As per Tradesy, the estimated retail price is $2,800. If it were 40% off retail, they would list it as $1,680, but no, it is listed as $2,168.

Conversely, $2,168 is 60% of $3,613 (way over retail), so it's definitely not 40% off retail.

The website says *extra* 40%, so, off what?

I am oh-so-confused.


Butterfly Wrangler
Oct 20, 2006
Yes, I skimmed and there are a handful that are 40% off but most are not. Still, good to be shopping in the company of people ready to to kiss 2020 bye bye