Tradesy Sale!

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  1. ...don't know for how long!
  2. I just saw this too!! Rectangular minis aren't looking so bad on tradesy right now with the 10% sale! PS. Don't forget to have things authenticated everyone!
  3. I don't see the sale anymore!
  4. Personally I think they made an error...they sent an email with a tribute sale to the late Prince (a collection of all things purple) and my guess is that someone made the sale site-wide for a short period of time by mistake. It would explain why there was no email announcing the sale.

  5. I read on fb that they canceled the sale because too many people commented saying that it was a distasteful way to have a sale. And that they were trying to profit from his death. They apologized for offending anyone and said the sale was going to be shut down.
  6. Well there you go, mystery solved, thanks ihalhaiha!
  7. There is another sale going on right now!
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  8. Chanel on sale right now at Tradesy?

    Looks like 10% off