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  1. Hello All,

    So I made a mistake and purchased an LV Popincourt PM from Tradesy. Firstly the bag was supposed to be from the US per the seller's website. Then the shipping information came through on my email and it was coming from China! I called tradesy immediately and they said that they are unable to cancel the order. I then just had to wait until I received the bag to return it if I wanted, but, I would only get back store credit. I gave it chance, I got the back authenticated and it is in fact authentic, but the hardware on the strap was installed incorrectly causing a twist on the strap when worn. I immedaitely contacted tradesy again and they had me send them the bag for further inspection. They then emailed me back stating that it is authentic and that the "defect" on the strap is common, therefore, it is not defective. They gave me two options, so a) take the bag back or b) take the huge store credit. It is my belief that they should give me the option to get my money back or discount me for the price of the strap to buy a new one.

    So now I am at a fork in the road. What do I do? There is nothing else I want from this site, nor do I want to do business with them again. I want the bag, but think that I should be able to have a non defective strap for that price.. I could file a dispute with my credit card company but it takes 90 days for them to make a decision and if they make a decision against me, I still end up with no Popincourt and lots of credit from tradesy....waht do I do???
  2. I think you're gonna have to take the bag back. They didn't really do anything fraudulent, other than potentially lie about where the bag was coming from. Since the bag is authentic, your CC company wouldn't consider that at all. The CC company might side with you over the strap but with Tradesey saying it's a design flaw and not a defect, I really doubt they are gonna take the time to research the bag itself.
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  3. To me a design flaw IS a defect!
  4. I have this bag and I don’t know what you mean the hardware was installed incorrectly? Was it LV or Tradesy that installed the hardware?
  5. Isn't the strap removable? Can you adjust it so it doesn't twist?
  6. I read your dilemma and I know what a PIA it can be to do a credit card dispute. I know it is not right but could you take the bag to an LV boutique and get it repaired? Even if you have to pay. I KNOW it's not fair/right but then at least you have the bag you wanted. And you can enjoy it and just move on from what sounds like a totally stressful situation. Then maybe have some peace in knowing that you have posted this on here and people who read your post will think twice about using Tradsey. Or maybe not at all. Tradesy might have caused you aggravation and hassle but it's going to cost them some business in the future. I hate when the fun of getting a new bag turns into this drama. I hope it all works out peacefully for you. :hugs:
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  7. I recently had a mishap with Tradesy and don't plan to do business with them again. I won't go into my story, but mine worked out and I'm not out any money. However, it could have gone badly and I for sure won't do business with a company who has a no refund policy. I got lucky but learned my lesson. I think the sellers are shady-or at least they can be. Way better to buy from a company like Fashionphile or Yoogies, etc.

    In your case, I think you're stuck. I'd try to resell the bag if it were me. That bag would leave a bad taste in my mouth.
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  8. The Tradesy return/refund policy is clearly explained on their website. If I were you, I would either keep the bag and enjoy it or sell the bag and move on to another purchase.

    FYI: Louis Vuitton sells millions of authentic items in China every year (China being one of the company’s biggest markets). There is a thriving second-hand market there!
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  9. Can you show us a picture? Is it really that bad?