Tradesy issues? Celine wallet stolen.

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  1. Hi everyone - I just sold my very first thing on Tradesy (a Celine wallet) and the buyer claims she received an empty box. Has anyone else had bad experiences like this? The way this lady came at me seemed so staged (how dare you send me an empty box!!). The weight of the box is recorded when shipped and an empty box would not weigh 1.5lbs.

    Anyway, if anyone sees this wallet for sale on ebay, etc any time soon can you let me know? I'll also be on the lookout.

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  2. Really sorry about that. I have no idea how Tradesy works but the empty box claim is so common....I had that happened to me 4 years ago when selling a Celine luggage on ebay and I lost $2700... Since then I only sell my used bags to resellers like fashionphille....yes I made less but I get a peace of mind....
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  3. There is a Tradesy thread under the ebay forum and if you post your question either there or create a new thread under the ebay forum, there are a lot of very experienced sellers that can likely help/give advice for your problem.