1. do y'all know of a place online or wherever that does trades on tokidoki's?

    please do not post what you want to trade here
  2. I believe the only place online to do trades is on shoptoki on LJ

    they do buy/sell/trade
  3. sellin/ not permitted on the PF(unless u r a member of the market plaza)
  4. thanks tokidokiangel. i'll check it out!
  5. lj tokiholic does trades too, but not as many as shoptokidoki
  6. Oops. i'm new to TPF, but slowly learning the do's and don'ts. thanks everyone.

    LJ seem confusing. i signed up and i couldn't figure it out. hahaha, i'm so lost. it's ok, there is alway eBay. just gotta be patient and it will come :hrmm:
  7. lol i tried the other night to join that shoptoki thing and I followed the rules and all but no reply that I was accepted. But that's okay because I need to stop buying!!
  8. tokidokiangel-i feel you on that one. Maybe there is a reason we can't figure it out and it ain't working. i guess our wallets a rest.
  9. :yes: