Trader Joe's

  1. My favorite of the summer (so far!) is the Mango Sorbet! Soo refreshing!
  2. I need to give a shout out to the TJs chicken lime burgers. They are delicious!
  3. Ooh, I've been eyeing this each time I go in. Does it still taste like coffee? I was worried it would taste more like a cup of chai tea.

    As for my TJ obsessions lately...

    Just Plain Mango. Dried and addictive. $3 less than Whole Foods too :cool:
    Super Spinach Salad. Love this! The edamame + dried cranberry combo is fantastic.
    Trader Joe Smoked Turkey breast slices. I take an Ezekiel tortilla, smear half an avocado onto it like butter, put some of the TJ Super Greens salad blend (It's newer and has baby kale/spinach/etc,) add the smoked turkey and wrap it up. MMmmm :smile:
    Unsweetend Vanilla Almond milk. Can't live without it! I wish they sold it in lunchbox sizes, so, if I am going to be out, I can bring one with me for a Starbucks run.
  4. Their cheese of the month - Londoner Cheddar is pretty delicious! I also picked up the balsamic glaze. I wonder if it would be good on a caprese salad?
  5. ooh! I need to find this! does it come in a bag?
  6. I used it once on my caprese salad and it was pretty delicious - but then again, I like the slight sweetness of the balsamic glaze. If you like the tangy taste of balsamic vinegar that might work better with caprese.
  7. Yep! Just got some the other day again and the checkout dude even mentioned it was a new item.

    He also gave me a thumbs up and said, "This stuff is awesome" :biggrin:
  8. I'm pregnant and obsessed with the Cats cookies right now. I shouldn't keep them in the house anymore!

    I posted my recent Trader Joe's haul today, if anyone is interested. :smile:
  9. It tastes like coffee with a slight kick to me, lol. Definitely not as much aroma or spice as chai tea.
  10. Have I lost my mind?!? I swear I was at Trader Joe's last week and they had pre-made kale chips with some sort of nacho seasoning. I didn't buy them at the time because I was like, "How lazy, those are SO easy to make." Then I got a hankering for doritos and thought I would buy the kale chips to squelch the craving. I've been to TWO TJ's now and I can't find them, and they aren't in the fearless flyer or on the website. Have I lost my marbles?
  11. Pre-made/packaged Kale chips are hit or miss. I'm biased as I made them in a dehydrator when I was raw vegan for three years (although, I do NOT miss how annoying and time consuming dehydrating is!)

    Some kale chips are so crusted with seasoning, that's its like a sour blob of freeze dried flavor that explodes in your mouth, all powdery. If they do a nice, light coating of flavor, the premades are good. There's this one brand I tried recently. they have flavors like Mango Chili and Bombay Curry that are really good. Brad's and some other kale chips are way too chunky with the coating for me.

    Didn't know TJ had it's own house brand! So crazy to see a raw vegan staple turn into a mainstream one :smile:
  12. I haven't seen kale chips at my local TJ's.

    I have a new love - Wasabi Almnds! I know almonds are good for you but I wanted something different from the regular salted almonds. The Wasabi almonds have a nice kick to them and I'm limiting myself to just 5 a day (I tend to inhale the bag if I have it in front of me). :smile:
  13. These must be some kind of wonderful - when I finally asked, the lady working there said they couldn't keep them on the shelves.
  14. I've never been here before but one is opening near me in a few weeks. Any suggestions to what I should get?
  15. Just went today and bought some cookie butter, kung pao noodles, olive oil, bread, spaghetti noodles and some fiberful bars. Went with a friend who was stalking up so i had to get a few must haves for myself.