Trader Joe's

  1. Elizabethk,

    I just bought that chimichurri sauce but haven't tried it yet. Good to know that you recommend it.

    The Greek yogurt is TDF. I eat it every morning with berries. I do not recommend the TJ Greek Yogurt - only the FAGE.

    Thanks to everyone for responding to this thread. It is fun to see everyone's recommendations!
  2. I love Trader Joe's. I made dinner last night using their garlic pasta, cream tomato vodka sauce, and topped with mozarella balls. I also like their samosas, variety of pastas, pierogi's, and ravioli.
  3. Oh, you're going to love Trader Joe's!!! Ok... here's my list, not in any particular order

    1. Maitre Pierre Alsace Style Pizza
    2. Tikka Masala Sauce
    3. Chocolate covered Coconut Macaroons
    4. Two Buck Chuck - Charles Shaw wines
    5. Balsamic Glazed Roasted Veggies - in frozen section
    6. Soups - Organic Tomato Soup, Tomato with Roasted Pepper
    7. Three Chocolate Mousse Cake - I don't know the exact name
    8. Thai style Green Beans with a spicy red sauce (in frozen section too)
    9. Veggie Riblets with their potato salad - yummy! didn't know veggie ribs could be so good!
    10. Organic Earl Grey Tea - It is absolutely the best anywhere!!!
    11. Frozen Gnocchi in Tomato sauce and basil and mozzarella cheese
    12. Frozen Gnocchi with Gorgonzola Sauce

    Good luck! There's so much stuff there. I don't even know where to begin and really end! ENJOY!!!!
  4. Funny how we call them slightly different but sound so

    #1, is the ham and onion tarte I was talking about...def. look for it! YUM

    #11 and 12 the gnocchi...yum!
  5. I love Trader Joes!

    1. I also love the TJ's gnocchi in tomato sauce and mozzarella
    2. TJ's Chocolate and hazelnut spread - I love Nutella and this is similar but not as sweet IMO. It does not have partially hydrogenated peanut oil like the US version of Nutella does.
    3. Cheddar Cheese sticks.
  6. That's so funny!!! It's so true!!! LOL!

    I can't believe I forgot the greek yogurt on my list too. The one with that honey. What is up with that honey??? It is so different from American honey, richer and more amber... Ok.. I'm drooling now... :drool:
  7. I love the chocolate covered peanut butter pretzels! wo
  8. Best prices on cheese and so many kinds! There dried fruit and nuts also have great prices. This week I picked up dried mango and it was wonderful.
  9. I love their WHOLE WHEAT pretzels, the ones in the nugat shape, not the stuffed ones though, just the plain kind! I love them!
  10. I love TJ's!!! I recently moved from DC to FL and there are no TJ's here! :crybaby:
    I will miss the Pita Chips, the pink lemonade and the cases of Charles Shaw wine (AKA 2 buck chuck)!
  11. They're nuts are always fresh (giggle - I said nuts are fresh). I always get my veggie meatballs from them (heehee - balls). I also like their high in fiber loc cal muffins. I always buy my steel cut oatmeal from them b/c it's chaeaper than anywhere else.
  12. I just came back from TJ's and tried cookies called Joe Joe's- they're exactly like Oreos but creamier and without the hydrogenated bad stuff....yummers!
  13. So I'm reading through this thread and adding everything that was mentioned to my "MUST TRY" list! I cant wait till weekend when I go grocery shopping :yahoo:

    My personal fave from Trader Joe's is their little chocolate truffles, YUM! And their chile spiced mangoes. :drool:
  14. I can't believe no one mentioned their pizza dough. Just roll it out, sprinkle some garlic, parmesan, parsley then bake it and you have the best bread sticks. And their pre-cooked edamame...mmmm, just defrost them and they taste fresh. I was a skeptic but they were good.
  15. Lots of my friends swear by TJ but honestly I just don't get into it. The one near me is really hard to get to, crappy parking and it's just way too small and too crowded. I always get stressed out whenever I go. I'm sure I'm missing out on great stuff.