Trader Joe's

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  1. A Trader Joe's finally opened up here in Wisconsin. We would always stop at one on our way home from Chicago. Even the kids love to go!

    Have you shopped at one and what are your favorite products?

    Madarin Chicken - kids fav
    Orange Peach Mango Juice - kids fav
    JoJos - everybody's fav!
    Dark Chocolate Covered Prezels - oooohhhhhh!
    Orange Champagne Viniagrete - makes the best salad dressing.
  2. they've just opened up two in the northern suburbs of Atlanta where my parent's live, and i was a little underwhelmed. i ADORE the natural grocery that i shop at in Athens, i could spend hours walking around in there (and it's not very big), so i think if i hadn't found that a few months ago, i would have loved Trader Joe's. it kind of bothered me that almost everything was their brand, i like some variety in picking. plus the meat counter was kind of small, and the organic meat at the grocery i usually go to is SO amazing.
  3. I had a brief but mad addiction to their banana crisps.

    Other faves:
    Free range eggs (such a good price)
    Some of their simmering sauces
    Their version of "Pirates Booty"
  4. Marsala simmering sauce
    Tuscan bean medley
    La Boca Chardonnay
  5. I love TJ..

    I got most of my grocery from wholefoods but I love getting my snacks from favs roasted soy beans and edamame, pecan preline..
    Love to get my pizza dough from there..they have very limited organic products..
  6. Snacks:
    - Papadum chips
    - Ginger chews (candy)
    - Dried prunes
    - Their version of oreo
    - Spicy cashews

    - Chicken stock and Veggie stock
    - frozen chopped herbs (parsley, cilantro)
    - Cheese
    - Bread
    - Fresh salsa
    - Chunks of pounds of dark chocolate for making desserts
    - Pasta sauce
    - Korma curry sauce
    ... OK I'll stop
  7. So do you think it's worth going there? One just opened up here on my way home, but I haven't tried it yet. I get my veggies and produce at Whole Foods (although, it will always be Fresh Fields in my heart!). My regular groceries I buy at Giant, which I loathe and detest more than anything in the world!
  8. ^^I only go there for fun foods.

    Veggies and fruits? Not for me. I only have to cook for me and my BF, so we usually end up buying ONE zuccini, ONE onion, TWO tomatoes, TWO apples, TWO oranges, etc (you get the idea). My TJs has all the veggies wrapped up in multiples, which I don't like.

    I believe things are cheaper in TJs than in WFs. I'd say give it a chance at go at least once, since it's on your way anyway.
  9. We have discovered that Trader Joe's is the preferable medium, pricewise, between Safeway and Whole Foods (aka "whole paycheck). My favorites:

    Bean & Cheese taquitos
    Some of their chips
    English Muffin toast
    the 2-buck chuck!
    the cheeses!!! Seriously, I have found some fantastic cheeses that sell for one to two dollars more at whole foods.
  10. Trader Joe's negotiates deals with other manufacturer's to make their item under the TJ brand. For instance, the TJ pizzas that look like Connie's pizzas are actually Connie's pizzas with the TJ label. And then they will sell it for less than the name brand. I know this for a fact because they were negotiating with my brother-in-law's bread company.

    Definitely, but not on a Saturday, too busy!
  11. Congrats! And I do mean congrats...I love TJs.

    My favs:
    mixed mini peppers
    ham and onion tarte
    gnocci (both kinds, with red sauce and gorganzola) kids love these too
    sesame cashews
    lowfat cheese puffs

    The kids love:
    the juice bars
    the ice cream bon bons
    buried treasure (like pirates booty)
  12. this is good to know, there's one 10 mins from me and i've thought about going
  13. Here in the San Francisco Bay area gourmet food shops abound, but TJs is part of my grocery stops. Their product offerings have improved over the years and I have too many items on my TJs list to mention here. You will find that some of their brand name items will be cheaper than at your local store. I would have a hard tie living somewhere w/out a TJs.
  14. Oh, forgot to add Mochi (ice cream) to my list.
  15. oooooooooooh good thread.
    strawberry juice---absolutely wonderful
    dixie peach juice --wonderful as mixer and even better with cheap champagne to make bellini's.
    bulgogi korean meat---i never knew Korean food would be so good, and all you have to do is fry it.
    the best for last chimmichurri sauce


    fage greek yogurt w/ honey compartment---amazing


    napa river chardonnay --the best 4.00 chardonnay i've ever had
    ham and guyere tart in the freezer section good as a cheap lunch, snack