Traded in my new bag and bought new wallet too!

  1. Last week I posted on here that I bought a Viva-cite bag. I never really loved it. I tried it on. Sat it on my table, kept walking by it to see if I would fall in love with it, never did. I took it back the next day. I have wanted a cabas mezzo for several years and never bought one. I had them locate one for me and it just came in today. Yay!!! I went and picked it up and decided I really wanted a new wallet. I have been eyeing the vernis that everyone has and decided to get a new wallet. I decided against the amarante color because of all the fingerprint issues. I love my new purchases and can't wait to take them out.
  2. Congrats - very useful...
  3. Love the Cabas Mezzo .... such a classic. :tup:

    The Pomme looks gorgeous against the Monogram Canvas.

    Congrats and enjoy your beautiful purchases!!
  4. ^^I do the SAME thing when I am on the fence about a bag or any other fashion-related item!!! I put it someplace where I can see it, sometimes picking it up and trying it out with different outfits. If there is no love :crybaby:, then back it goes...

    BTW, I think you got some fantastic items now!!! I love them!
  5. congrats, i love the pomme on wallets!
  6. Excellent choices, I love both of them! Congrats and enjoy them.
  7. congrats on both yr purchase and models pics please....:tup::yes:
  8. Great combo! I always say yea to pomme vernis, and so glad you exchanged for something you really love.
  9. OMG!!!! AWESOME!!!! Congrats!!!
  10. Congrats!
  11. oooh love 'em! my two loves, mezzo and pomme! model pics!@!!!
  12. Great choices, the Pomme wallet is so yummy.
  13. Nice choices, congrats!
  14. Ahh... what a classic bag! I like how practical and yet how stylish it looks.

    Kudos to you on the cute choices!
  15. Ooo, nice purchases!! Congrats and enjoy!!