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  1. DO they have a trade thread on here???

    no, no trading/buying/selling here at all.
  2. There may be a thread for it in the market place. Are you looking for a totally new bag or another scribble bag?
  3. Sorry absolutely no trading or selling allowed here.
  4. Sorry about that, i was pretty sure it wasn't allowed.
  5. Where can I go to trade? I do not need scribble.
  6. Sorry, there is no trading, buying, or selling allowed on the pf. I would sell it on ebay or ship it back to the store.
  7. and the marketplaza is restricted. if in time you meet the requirements to participate, then you can trade there, but on the actual coach thread or any of the handbag threads OR PMs to ANY of the members here is NOT allowed or tolerated.
  8. Ok Thanks for the info..... I guess I will have to make the drive.... DOes anyone know if you can return outlet items at a regular coach store?? Or how long you have to return something from a outlet? Thanks!
  9. as long as tags are intact, there is no limit on outlet returns to outlet, and you will get the original payment back. With the coach boutique you will only be issued store credit.
  10. You would need the receipt too if you're returning to the full-priced store. Without receipt, you have to go to the outlet.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.