Trade up question?

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  1. I recently purchased 2 loose diamond from blue nile, they are .52 carat each GIA, IF, E and F color. anyway i just have it made in to a pair of earring. But some how i feel it just too small and Blue Nile doesn't do trade up are there any place that do trade up so i can upgrade them? Thanks ladies :graucho:
  2. As far as I know, if you take them anywhere, a dealer or store will only trade up for you by considering the WHOLESALE price of the diamonds you brought in. So, basically you will be losing a LOT of money. You can't really take diamonds to somewhere else other than where you bought them and expect to get anything more than wholesale for them, even if you are trading up. Consider that if you take them to a store and pay extra to trade up for them, that jeweler still has to sell they look at it as why should they pay you retail for a pair of earrings when they could purchase them from a dealer/broker for wholesale?

    If I am wrong, please let me know PFers, because I would LOVE to find somewhere that does not give you wholesale or less for your diamonds when trading up.
  3. Can you return them to Blue Nile yet? I think Kristie is right about the trade up policy. I have two diamonds that are under a trade up policy but in both cases I would have to take them back to where I purchased them.
    This is not part of your original question but I would never pay for flawless diamonds for earrings. Everybody has their own preferences but I'd rather put the money into the cut and carat weight- you'd have to have a scope to see VS or SI in most cases.
    Good luck- they sound beautiful.
  4. ^^ is correct. I tried to trade up a one carat last year and the store was basically going to give me nothing for it. You loose a ton of money. You are better off trying to sell them yourself via ebay or live auction. I also wouldn't put diamonds of that grade in earrings but that is just me. Can you reset them into a ring and purchase new diamonds for earrings?
  5. My husband is a jeweller and even I cant trade up my diamond without it being so not worth it.

    First of all you will need a report preferably from GIA or else your specs are just your word. Any other lab report is also dubious in how accurate they measure the specs.

    Although your diamonds are fl, not many people want to pay for a feature that is not visible with the naked eye. The size of your diamonds are not in scarce supply or high demand (it needs to be over 1.5 c.) and there are many on the market, so you will not get a high wholesale price.

    I would either keep them for one day, as side diamonds to a centre stone, or sell them on consignment in a store where the seller will keep a %. You could try a trade up with the seller who would still enjoy the extra business.

    Good luck and let us know what you do.
  6. Thanks, i do have all the Gia papers and hopefully i can trade it in not losing too much money for it.
  7. Even if you have GIA papers, most jewelers will only pay you wholesale.
  8. Maybe I missed something, but why can't you return them?? Have to tried explaining the situation to a service rep? I would think they would exchange or return them for you???
  9. Today there is not a huge difference between wholesale and retail unless you are buy from a huge brand like Tiffanys. Due to the internet and information being so available diamond sellers make very little markup. That said, the seller of a second hand diamond willl still get less than she paid on average because the next seller wants to make some money.
  10. Blue Niles have a 30 days return policy and i have it for almost 2 months now.
  11. I don't mind loosing some of the money but i just don't know where i can trade it in, thanks
  12. I am guessing you will get back less than half what you paid for them in my experience with trying to trade in or upgrade diamonds. Most stores actually will trade, but like I said, you will get half or less of the value you paid for them. :crybaby:
  13. Hmm, I think that what the other posters are saying is pretty accurate. I did have some luck trading up a ring, they took my word on what I said it was purchased for and they said that I had to then trade it towards something that was at least 2x the price of mine.