Trade up follow up!!

  1. Remember my post about trade up couple days ago, anyway i went to a couple of jewelry store and ask if they want to do a trade up or buy back my 2 GIA ,0.52 they give me a price that is 30% less than what i paid for, that mean i'll be out of my pocket $1400.00, i paid $4400 . Can't believe diamond loose it value soo much for the consumer.:tdown: I haven't decide what to do yet. But thanks for all you ladies info.
  2. The price of jewelry is highly inflated unfortunately.
  4. oh man bummer. i think i saw your last post, wasn't sure, gots to go back and look but, :sad: yeah, jewelers inflate their price so much. would be loosing a lot of money as the way i look at it. :sad:
  5. This is exactly what I found. I tried to do the same last year with a 1 carat and a .75 both of excellent quality and I DID plan on upgrading by spending at least double what I was trading in. We choose instead, to just purchase a new diamond and keep my others for other settings. I will set the 1 carat in a pendant and am planning on using the .75 for a right hand ring. Unless you are able to find a private auction in your area, this tends to be the case. Just keep the diamonds and buy what you really want later on.
  6. I bought a pair of .5 carat earrings from a department store for around $600, and I wanted to upgrade to 1.0 carat earrings. The store I went to only gave me $250 for .5 carats for the trade-in. I don't know if this is possible, but can you go back to the store you bought the first pair from? If you upgrade at the original store, they usually give you back the full price paid. Keep us posted!
  7. Hmm... I recently upgraded my diamond and my jeweler (the one I originally bought from) gave me appraisal PLUS 5% per year appreciation.
  8. I brought my from Bluenile and they don't do trade up, i'm kinda bump about the low price that they offer me.
  9. Diamonds are probably one of the worst "investment" purchases there are. Unless the jeweler you buy it from offers a trade in/trade up of at least what you paid for it, you will never get back anything even remotely near what you paid for it. I am actually surprised at what they did offer you...usually its at least 50% lower.