Trade/Swap Category for PF Members???

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  1. It seems there are quite a few members that would like to unload some of their bags to acquire different bags. This idea came to me when I was reading Fayden's thread about her bad experience selling her LV Jasmin. What do you guys (and Megs and Vlad, of course) think about having a place where PF members can trade/swap their bags with each other? It may make it easier for members to get rid of their bags and acquire other bags that we know are authentic and legit. Any thoughts?
  2. This is a good idea, but I think there has to be some regulations to make sure that all the trading is safe. Posting requirements, or tracked, signed for post required would make me more comfortable.
  3. IMO Marketplace would work for that if Megs and Vald think it OK to do it.
    If someone saw something in theMarketplace they wanted and they wanted to trade for it, they could always PM that person anyway now as it stands. KWIM?
  4. I agree---that might work best. Or you could list what you're selling and comment on what you're interested in acquiring. That way if someone has what you want and you're unloading what they want, you can discuss a trade via PM.
  5. I would love this! I have bags I've only used once or twice just sitting in my closet and it would be great to swap with a fellow bag-lover! I'm sure there's a way to set it up so that it works smoothly.
  6. i think it's a great idea!
  7. Great idea!
  8. Great idea, But what will you do if you ended up with FAKE bag.
    And a person you trade with just said " I don't know it was a gift"?
  9. Before a member would agree to a trade/swap they would have to be comfortable with what they are getting. Similar to when you purchase something from e-bay. I think you would probably have to provide some type of receipt or paperwork of some sort. When I buy bags I keep the tags and receipt in a file. I also try to keep the boxes. If the bag was a gift and there was no gift receipt or paperwork and the potential trader was not comfortable with it they would simply decline the trade/swap offer.
  10. I love the idea, as long as we can find a safe, honest way of making it work, Im all for it!!
  11. I love this idea...but it does have to be safe. Look to for their rules it might help. I saw them on the news...