Trade site for louis vuitton

  1. Hope this is ok
    Saw some people talk about website where people can "trade" or "sell" there bags, besides e-bay called "letstrade" but when i googled the site no luck anyone know the site or another one like it.
    thank you
  2. Let-trade is a LV re-seller:

    Please note that there is NO buying, selling or trading allowed here unless you have been approved for the Marketplaza. :smile:
  3. um.. you might be thinking of

    let-trade is a MPRS, who has sold many authentic bags to tpf members.

    I don't think they take bags on consignment, though.
  4. No, I think their business is based on consignment.
  5. I dont think you can actually trade bags with let-trade, I think they just sell bags.

    Im also looking for a website that you can trade Louis Vuitton with other people for LV. Does anyone know any sites ?. Thanks