Trade Questions

  1. Hey, I'm on the shoptokidoki forum. Anyway, does anyone have any bad experiences there? Trading is a bit more tricky, but what can I do to make sure the trade is actually a trade and not me just sending off my stuff off for free?

    Also, I'm trading mainly because my BV isn't big enough for school. Is a Campeggio better for school, or are they basically the same? Like, the BV fits my stuff, but it's a VERY close fit.

  2. I have traded and sold things on LJ about 4 times. I had (so far) nothing but good things to report. I'm not sure what is a better bag, but I remember people saying that the campeggio opening isn't to big and it was hard to fit a folder inside.

    Good Luck on LJ
  3. well i think the whole point of the approval process to be accepted into the shoptokidoki community is to make sure that people ARENT going to defraud you that way. That's why they make you submit feedback from other sites, etc.

  4. I would use a lot of caution anyway. Some folks don't have any feedback to speak of (really!), so you should always ask. There's a little thread on LJ for ShopToki feedback, too, so check there. Also be sure that the eBay feedback that LJ members claim is theirs actually belongs to them. Trade safe!
    I do wonder if ShopToki moderators kick off any crooks.
  5. i have traded a bunch of times on LJ and nothing bad ever happened (yet).

    the only thing i'd say is that i traded my denaro this week & the other person has received mine, but i haven't received theirs. but that's probably the post office to blame. :p
  6. In my opinion the BV and the campeggio have about the same amount of space inside. It is just that the BV is wide and the campeggio is long. As someone else mentioned the opening is narrow or seems small on the campeggio so I'm not sure if it really is a better alternative to the BV. The next step up would be an adventura but that may be way too big for needs or maybe a cucciolo but you would have to pick a print that wouldn't make it look like a diaper bag.
  7. I've bought several things on shoptokidoki, and never had any problems~ It's mostly tPF'ers on there, too, so we are trustworthy :biggrin: I wouldn't hesitate to trade with anyone~
  8. I've traded on shoptokidoki and I've bought a couple things too, no problems. always w/tpfers or ppl who post a lot here/on LJ so it's never been an issue for me... yet. you never know I guess!
  9. I've sold a bunch of stuff on LJ and haven't had a problem yet!! So far it gets my two thumbs up! :tup::tup:. The best thing about it is NO FEES! :love: