Trade off's....

  1. What bag were you itching to get, only months later wanted to trade her off?
    which bag was the itch and what did you want to trade off for ?
  2. Had a piano bag for years.. sold it off for my noe and ellipse... Not that I had been after the noe, that only came tPF.
    The ellipse is still cute... and its nice because its not seen often.

    Now... I've sold off my noe, speedy 25 (my first lv) and bought my lockit. I was itching more for the BH but thought they were so close in price (this wa before the price drop) that i'd go for the lockit.

    Now, months later i'm going to shed the the lockit, ellipse and lv wallet and going for... BH,not sure what wallet i'll do next...and would like a baggy pm in pink or green.
  3. I traded my Damier Azur Speedy 30 within a month for the Denim Baggy PM :love:
  4. I sold my popincourt and BH in order to get som extra funds for my embosse stephen.
  5. I sold a blue bedford that I wasn't using for my indigo reade. Love the indigo color.
  6. ^^ I have to agree the indigo is HOT!
  7. I got rid of my mono speedy 30 that I bought used with an '04 datecode and lots of patina and dirty handles, and got a new one from elux. I realized I couldn't handle having that bag used, lol. I made 425 on that bag and dh paid the rest from what I can recall, that was back in Feb.

    Now, that is the only LV of mine that I sold to get other bags. BUT, I have sold MANY of my other designer bags to trade them in for LV!! I sold a Gucci charms bag in like new condition along with a burberry equestrian lola(shaped like a papillon 30) and got a damier speedy 30 from elux. Then I sold a leather kate spade tote, a prada microfiber tote, prada microfiber wallet and a gucci jackie O bag...all that....and got my bv, which dh had to still suppliment what I came up short. Fortunately I got the bag after the price increase, tax/shipping free from elux.

    Cool thread!
  8. Got me a Damier Azur Speedy 30 and traded it in for a Damier Azur Saleya PM that i want to sell now for a Damier Papillon 30 LOL!
  9. I sold my very first LV bag; a petite noe for an used Mono 30 which I later ended up selling for a new Mono 30 (which ended up to be fake, but that is a whole another story).
  10. i have a few bags i want to trade-off but i still can't use the market place yet.. and i dont want to deal with eBay.
  11. my mc eliza... i think buying it was the biggest mistake i made. i didn't even really like it but i was so obssessed that i had to buy an mc bag.
    don't really know what i want to trade her off for... i think i really want a chanel bag =)
  12. Vernis Marshmallo Lexington was my itch back in 03, but i've only used it 3 times after purchase, it just sits in its dust bag this whole time.......i sold my Prada Messenger, Diro Girly Boston to fund for it...And now i find myself using the pink Chanel classic flap when i want some 'pink':blush:

    Mandrian Jasmin was another 'itch' I shouldn't fix, although the color is TDF, but it's very unflattering for my Asian skintone, now i wish for either red or black Jasmin instead:p:
  13. Well, not an LV so far, but last spring I just had to have this Chanel messenger, but it sits unused since last summer. The white strap just does not work for me- I'm putting it on eBay in month or so after I get it authenticated and cleaned :sad:
  14. I sold my Bronze Tompkins and Mat Amber Shelton for Suhali L'Ingenieux ;)
  15. Same here :crybaby: