Trade in Policy?


Sep 8, 2006
Amid Mountains of Handbags
I seriously doubt that! That would not any business sense for Dooney.

I think that if send a *registered* bag in for repairs and they cannot fix it...they might give you a credit for a new bag but I just cannot see Dooney trading old bags for new.


Dooney Girl
May 2, 2007
That's what I thought too. I mean, then everyone would send in their bag when it go old for a new one. Hmmm...she probably just put that in there to move the bag, since it is obviously damaged pretty bad.


Nov 7, 2006
Below is information from Dooney's website on repairs, but I have heard of the trade-in policy before. You get 1/2 of the value of the old bag toward a new bag of higher value, but I can't find the official statement.

[FONT=Arial,Geneva,Helvetica]Repairs: After the initial year covered by our guarantee, we will gladly repair any Dooney & Bourke bag or accessory that has become damaged or worn. Repair costs vary, depending on the condition of the item, but will not exceed half of the current retail price for that particular style. Once we receive an item for repair, we will inspect the item, advise you of repair costs (via mail, allow 1-2 weeks) and request your approval before any repair work takes place. If your bag or accessory is beyond repair or if repair costs exceed half of the current retail price you will be eligible for a replacement.

Replacements: If an item is beyond repair, or if the repair costs exceed half of the current retail price, you have the option of having it replaced. You will be offered credit for half the current retail price of that item to apply toward a replacement item of equal or greater value. We will try to accommodate all replacement requests to your full satisfaction, however, it is not our policy to replace an item from a specific collection with another item from one of the following collections/styles: watches, coats, sweaters, scarves, hats, gloves and shoes, Internet specials and the new IT collection. Please note: The original item will not be returned to you. Once you have authorized a replacement, this item will be destroyed.[/FONT]

handbag helen

Dec 5, 2006
So for repairs they will offer a trade in. But not just to trade it in. Its not like the jewelry stores that try to get you back in to get a bigger diamond!