trade in my mid-size rolex for a larger one??

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  1. hi. this is my first post on this board although i have been reading it for months!! i currently have a midsize rolex oyster perpetual with a pink face and am contemplating trading it in for a larger size -- possibly the air king. what do we think of this?? currently i wear a swatch full blooded in gold when i need a big watch fix. please advise!!
  2. The Air King is only a few millimeters bigger than the midsize. There are some jewelry experts here to correct me, but I believe the Mid is 31 mm and the A.K. is 34 or 35? I have had both. Th Air King looks beautiful with a blue dial (I had one like that). So bit bigger, but not huge.

    If you really want a big watch fix - and you want stainless steel, I think the Submariner is great!! I wear mine often, and I also wear my 18 all gold Sub with Black dial. Love them both! Don't know if you are after SS, two/tone or all gold, but the Sub has all of those combos. Also can get a Blue dial on the all gold and the two-tone. Beautiful, but too 'out there' bright for me. The Air King blue was a darker, almost navy, but not quite as dark. Go tio your AD (or reputable reseller) and try some different sizes on.

    Best of luck!
  3. i love the air king and i love the perputal with balck face and pink numbers.. its my current lust!! hwoever size wise they are very very similar
  4. -Wow I haven't seen that blk/pink sounds amazing! Do you have a link to a photo anywhere?
  5. Any updates ? Did you trade ? :yes:
  7. ^ [​IMG]

    BTW ijen0311, I spotted you on another forum.. I'm researching it for a purchase soon to come. :graucho:
  8. -Hmm, maybe I am not looking at the right page, or my vision is bad (well, 'that' I know!), but these watches look black with silver numbers?

    Oh- wait, now I see; the stick markings are pink, are they not?
  9. ^ Yes ! :yes:

    The combo is super cute and fun !
  10. hi all. thanks for your responses! i have not traded the watch in yet because (a) i don't have the money right now and (b) i still don't know what i want. i did, however, get a michael kors stainless steel chronograph watch which is 38 mm and am totally loving it. it is working for now!