Trade in LV zippy for Goyard Zippy?

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  1. I've become such a devotee of Goyard in the past few months, I'm thinking of trading in (ebaying) my LV and using the $$$ towards a Goyard wallet. Those of you out there with Goyard wallets--do they hold up well?? Are they as light as their fabulous bags? Also, any recommendations on color? Thanks everyone!
  2. Welcome, mamaluvsbags!

    I don't own a Goyard wallet but you might want to check out the thread Goyard Wallet Styles a few topics down from your post. The Goyard picture reference thread will also be a big help. I'm sure others will chime in on their opinions, too! Happy shopping:smile::smile:
  3. I love my Goyard wallet. I've had it for years and it is just now starting to show the slightest bit of wear. DH has a card case that he uses as a wallet and it still looks great too. :tup:
  4. The only real reason why I would prefer the Goyard Zippy over the Louis Vuitton Zippy, is that since the late 90s, LV has cheapened on their brass hardware for SLGs; you'll see it silver over time... :sad:

    Goyard wallets are wonderful and hold up very well. For colour, I'd suggest Bordeaux or Yellow!
  5. I would definitely get one!!!
  6. I uave three after Louis Hermes gucci and balenciaga I consider myself a veritable research and development person for wallets goyard is the only one that has lasted so well and I wear them out bags I can baby but my wallets for some reason just well the canvas is so much better than Louis the leather not better than hermes but it is sturdy gucci well enough said gucci is not even worth talking about and,balenciaga cute but not resistant goyard is just the best !
  7. I love my Goyard zippe, which I've had for about 11 months. It's held up really well, but I've never had an LV wallet, so I can't compare. Keep in mind that the Goyard colors are about $200-300 more than the black and red versions.
  8. r15324--you are RIGHT!! One of the things that bugged me so much about my LV wallet is that the brass pull started to tarnish within a year. Plus, it is soooo heavy.
  9. I totally agree!
    My LV completely tarnished. The gold literally flaked off!
    Goyard is so much cooler too... And if this makes any sense, I feel it is more "french."