Trade in Denim Legacy Resort and Scribble for???

  1. :love: I was wondering if any of you thought that the denim Legacy Resort which I bought was worth keeping, since I have not worn it and getting either a gold and signature or ebony and black Mandy Courier with my coupon when it arrives. Of course then there is the heaviness of that courier, Anyone have it? I have succumbed to the scribble and the resort and now thinking..maybe it would be better to have one great bag..ergo white, tan, or Mandy..I already have the whiskey shoulder that goodness. What do you girls think? Rainbow
  2. Personally, I'm not a big fan of the resort/denim line, but I think I'm in the minority with that. And I definitely am not a scribble lover, but again, that's just me.

    In general though, I tend to feel like if you're not using these bags, it would make more sense to save up for the Mandy or Ergo.
  3. I have the resort bags on my shelf. Haven't even opened the boxes to make sure they gave me the right bags! Bought them at the last PCE.

    I think the Denim would look nice in the Spring.

    I picked up the mandy in black leather last weekend.

    I would call Coach's 800 number & see how many they have in stock so you can figure out if they will have them for the PCE. And if they have alot, hit the PCE for the presale.
  4. id personally go with the gold and signature mandy....
  5. OH OH Erica said exactly what I was thinking...watchout Coach , here I come..but I wish I had my coupon. Nope I have not touched them and that is a warning And how do I load my pic on my profile here ? It has failed to upload it at least four times. Is it the size of the pixels..It is small? Lynn:love:
  6. I also bought the resort at the last pce so it was not as expensive. I have NOT worn it yet. I got the scribble too with a credit. I just lost my mom last month and it is so sad that I am beginning to buy things I do not LOVE and eat chocolate. But the Mandy is a pretty heavy bag and I do love the gold and siggie...any thoughts?
  7. Rainbow, sorry for your loss.

    I like the Mandy, but I don't carry a handbag alot. I tend to throw my $$$ in my pocket when I run into the store. Just and added thing, the gold on the suede bags scratches easily so if you are a perfectionist, the metallic gold trim might not work (not sure if it rubs off on the Signature line - maybe someone could chime in here.)
  8. Thank you so much for your kindness. I will miss her...forever..and in a way writing on this site with my Coach addiction, and talking to you guys feels like I belong somewhere...and it is making me happy and bringing me back to my old self..:heart: Thanks, all of you...
  9. i hope you feel better (although i know it's such a big loss).

    and know that you've always got friends here fellow COACH lover.:heart:
  11. i feel the same way! i love this site. gives me something to look forward to, even if times are rough! i can't wait to join the RAOK in summer :smile: great place to be! i never liked the forum thing before, and then i found this place! addiction!