trade there any bag you own that you would be...

  1. willing to trade for another, if you could? (the items has to be similar in price) doesn't mean u don't like it anymore, but just means you like something else just that little bit more.

    For me, i wouldn't mind trading my outdoor hobo for the diamond stitch tote.
  2. I wouldnt mind trading my white east west for another color such as the purple (only because I have my white jumbo classic).
  3. NO!!:cry:
  4. me neither :hysteric:
  5. i actually love ALL my bags and wouldn't trade anything. i almost wanted to sell my bordeaux reissue but changed my mind because the bag is so rare.
  6. no. love all my bags.
  7. i love my jumbo black, but at that price it's price now, i would definitely trade for a baby cabas!!!
  8. So far I am very happy with all my Chanel bags.
  9. oooo... i wouldn't trade any of my Chanels

    BUT, i didn't say i wouldn't want to trade my LV's, Gucci's, Dior's for some new Chanel!! LOL
  10. Ha, Janny, I was going to ask if the trade had to be Chanel for Chanel... because I would trade my large tan Gucci horsebit hobo for the Soft and Chain in beige!
  11. ^^^ LOL, Roey!

    I want to trade my large fuschia horsebit hobo for a black/silver GST!!

    I don't know if it IS Chanel for Chanel, but if it is, perhaps we can go in for 2 (gucci's) for 1 (chanel)??
  12. i wouldn't trade in any of my bags, but then again, i only have two chanel bags (both of which are very precious to me)!
  13. no..mine are all really luving it..for long time to come..
    Maybe..will try to buy other brand of bag such as hermes
  14. No.