Trade Feb. PCE Cards here

  1. Hello...

    This thread is for those who have a PCE card they will not be using and those who want a PCE card. Please post if you have one to give to a fellow tpfer or if you would like one.
  2. I would like a PCE invite if anyone is not going to be using theirs. Thanks so much and please PM me.
  3. Oops...almost forgot.
    If anyone has a card they won't be using, I would love it. I have quite a few birthdays in February to buy for so a card would really help out. Please PM me if you can spare it. Thanks!:flowers:
  4. I would LOVE one. If anyone has one they are not going to use please PM me. Thank you!!
  5. same. PLEASE PM me if you have a PCE card you won't be using.
    i'd appreciate it so much! another reason to buy coach is all the better! :woohoo: :yahoo: :tup:
  6. i would love one too!! please PM me if you dont want yours.
  7. If anyone would be generous enough to give me their PCE card, I would greatly appreciate it...I've never been one of the lucky ones:shrugs:.
  8. I'd love one too - thanks!
  9. Strange request-

    I would love it if someone would send me their's OR if anyone plans to shop in the Detroit area or Houston area, can I tag along ???
  10. Good idea! Anyone in the Boston area, a day event at Coach and lunch would be great! Nothing like makin a friend and getting some discounts on Coach! lol
  11. Ahhh, I would LOVEEE a card! I neeed one! :heart:3
  12. I posted a thread in the morning for it. But somehow it was taken out. Very sad. Please PM me if you are willing to give your card to me.
    Also I am in Ames, Iowa....going to the Jordan creek mall in des moines....anyone willing to share ? The SA told me that if a friend has the card , I can come with her and use the coupon. Thanks
  13. Just wondering ! Is it safe to use another persons coupon, if they are not present during purchase. For example, I get it from some in chicago, she send it to me and I use it. Anyway a Sa can tell that it was not mine. Would it be legal ?.... don't want to get into trouble for 25% coupon
  14. The last 2 I've had didn't have names on them, it was a card inside an envelope, so the store won't know who it was mailed too.

    I was hoping my friend who got one last time got one in the mail today but she didn't, so add me to the list of those wanting one. My birthday is friday and DH is buying me a bag and a matching wallet, but I'm waiting for a discount:yahoo:
  15. any extras?? I didnt get one! Or anyone in the pittsburgh harea wanna share?