Trade Feb 2009 PCE Cards Here!!

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  1. #1 Feb 2, 2009
    Last edited: Feb 2, 2009
    Just thought I would start up a new PCE thread for trading Feb cards here...

    Not sure when Coach is sending them out, but if I don't get one (which I HIGHLY doubt), I would appreciate if no one is using there's if they could PM me please!! I want to get a Sabrina REALLY bad!! Thanks in advance!!
  2. If someone isn't using there's please PM me also. I want to buy myself a Birthday present. :smile:
  3. I'd Love to have one if someone is not going to use there's , PM me please also
  4. Put me on the list too! If anyone doesn't use theirs i would love to use it! Thanks! :smile:
  5. Pretty please with a cherry on top- I need the silver metallic Sabrina as if my life depended on it!!! Thanks so much!
  6. I would love one too to get my mom a great birthday present on February 9th. Thank you in advance!
  7. Me three, put me on the list too!! Thanks!
  8. Please add me to the list as well!! I'd like to get my sister a B-day pressie!!! Thank you!!!!
  9. Hi! Please add me to the list, please!
  10. I would really appreciate receiving an unneeded PCE card as well. I haven't received one from Coach yet and I've spent thousands in the boutique in the past year. If I do receive one and have been gifted another TPF'ers, I'll pass it along to someone else in need here. Thank you! :P
  11. Please, please add me to the list as well! I have never gotten one!
  12. :flowers:I would appreciate one also:tender:! My birthday is tomorrow:party:!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Add me to the list too. I would really appreciate it!! :goodpost:
  14. Add mee too!!!
  15. :tender: Please add me too! I'm trying to get my first Coach purse and can only get it if I get the card! :tender:

    Thanks tPF-ers! Even if I don't get one, everyone here is so great!!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.