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  1. Please, please, please send it to me. I'm a teacher with a modest income. I know exactly what I want; and would truly appreciate your generosity. Please pm me if you have one.

  2. I always see people post new threads and/or post within other threads that they don't want to use their PCE card and are willing to send it to someone else via Snail-Mail. I also see a lot of people post that they haven't received a PCE card and want one.


    I figured we could just officially post it all in one thread so everyone can have an equal chance. I didn't see another thread like this so I decided to start one. I hope this isn't a problem.

    Post here if you received the December PCE card, don't plan to use it and are willing to mail it to a fellow tPF member.

    Post here if you would like a chance to receive a PCE card from a tPF member that isn't going to use the one they received. Obviously, don't post your address on here. Just post that you are interested and hopefully someone will PM you for your information. If you received a response from someone then please let us know on here so others know you already received a card.

    Thank you all! :yahoo:
  3. Yes, I am posting in my own thread...

    I am interested in a December PCE Card if someone out there is not going to use theirs. I haven't received one and definitely have a use for it.

    Thank you! =Þ
  4. I would also love to have one if someone isn't using theirs.
  5. I would also love a PCE card from someone who doesn't plan to use theirs.

    Great idea OP!
  6. I would love one too! TIA if anyone would like to send me one!!
  7. I've got one I'm not going to use, first to PM me their address gets it!
  8. Gone! I hope everyone finds one!
  9. I got 2 PCE cards this time. I only need one, so the first person to PM me their name/address gets it! :yahoo: Good luck & I'll post on here when it's gone.
  10. *Crosses her fingers* :sweatdrop:
  11. Congrats!! Will be mailing it tomorrow.
  12. Awesome! Thank you a million times. I forced my father to go check the mail (since I'm stuck at work) and he said there is no mail for me. So my hopes for receiving one on my own are gone.
  13. Yea for LissiSays! Get some good stuff girl!
  14. I would also like one pls. TIA.
  15. If anyone wants to send one to a newbie it would be appreciated! :smile:

    Just recently discovered this forum and also discovered that my gf likes coach bags... hence me being here.