Tracy Reese sale?

  1. Just got an email about the Tracy Reese sample sale and further markdowns. Am off work today and wondering about going but it would take some scrambling on my part - anyone gone and have a report?
  2. What city is this taking place?
  3. new york! :yes:
  4. Any more details please-location?
  5. Who: Tracy Reese & Plenty by Tracy Reese
    What: Sample sale - 50%+ off
    Where: 145 W. 18th St.
    When: until 11/29
    you may want to check more sample sales at
    (I just googled)
  6. overpriced ! they had sample coats for 299 that wwere in c21 2 years ago for 99 ! noone was buying. A plenty coat in anthro right now on sale for 99 was over 300! Not worth it -my friend biggest TR addict left with NOTHING!!! she said prices were insulting and she went AFTER REDUCTIONS
  7. Thanks - am SO glad I didn't waste my time going down there. Didn't need another bag anyway unless the prices were fab. Glad that I don't have to feel like I'm missing anything. Yay!
  8. Friend said only had strange old patent purses -aqua patent and purple-- not the gorgeous TR bags with kisslock that i saw at bergdorf!
  9. Century 21 has a lot of Tracy Reese bags with the kisslock right now. they are in the glass display case.