Tracy Reese bags; are they worth the $$$

  1. My hubby and I had a date night in our favorite hang out section of Syracuse, NY. The section has lovely boutiques with lots of up and coming desingers. Long story short, in my tipsey conditon, I purchased a Tracy Reese frame "Sophia" bag for $550 (not to mention a Tracy Reese sweater dress for $179). Anyway, the bag is cute but am not sure if it is worth what I paid. The store does not do returns but I can do a merchandise credit. I will post pics of the bag later.

    Any experience with Tracy Reese bags? They seem really well made, I am just not crazy of the color combo I picked. I feel like such an ass trying to exchange it. Should I just suck it up and learn to love it?
  2. I've never really read anything about her bags....her clothes are beautiful!! Make sure to post pics! :smile:
  3. I like her bags. Good luck with your decision.
  4. I really like the Sophia. It's so adorable. What color did you get?

    My favorite thing about Tracy Reese bags is the attention to detail. I love all the special design elements she puts into each bag. The interiors are so cute. The little mirror is just so sweet!
  5. need pics please
  6. I'm not sure which one you have but I'e seen them in Nordstrom and they are lovely! Do you have pictres?
  7. I saw some at an Off 5th today and wasn't really impressed with the leather quality to be honest...for that money, I think you could get a sturdier bag.
  8. post pics...:tup:
  9. Don't have any experience with her bags, but I always see them heavily marked down at Off 5th and Nordstrom Rack, FWIW.
  10. I think she is going back to the store. :tdown:
    oops purchase.JPG
  11. [​IMG]

    IMHO u can get better bags for 500$
  12. I like the look of that bag. Awesome color. Looks like there's not many Tracy Reese fans on here.
  13. Tim Gunn in his own shows seem to give away Tracy Reese bags. I though they are awesome. They look much better in person when on website.
    I have seen several of her bags in Nordstrom rack, but not the best one and it seems like Nordy's have designers bags heavily scratched and stained at 50%off, which is not that much of a discount consider the initial price of the bag.
    I think it is a cute bag.
  14. these bags are kind of special and unusual... if you love them, why not?
  15. I've noticed that about NR too! Many of the expensive-ish ones are beat up, thrashed or stained. Interestingly, the cheaper bags (like $10-$20) are in great condition. They're always just piled in a lump on these racks, unlike Saks Off 5th where they actually display it neatly on tables.