Tracy do you like it???

  1. Is it big enough??? Any input is greatly appreciated...I am considering a Tracy in blanc....
    7ss262-7s461 blanc (3).jpg
  2. I love my tracy, it is so roomy. No matter what I put in it there's still more room.
    Not to mention all the compliments I get when I carry it:love:
  3. I have the large one and it is huge. Here is a link with a picture of me wearing it

    I can't say enough about this bag. I bought it cause the price was so good and I knew I could return it --it has turned out to be my absolute favorite. I love the style and color of the one you have attached and chloe Bahrain is great!
  4. nice, and the color is a classic!
  5. I have serious love for my tracy! :love:I have the large two toned (whiskey and tan) tote and it's one of my all time favorite bags. (And I have a LOT of bags!)

    I get so many compliments on it; it looks great on and holds a ton of stuff. it's really large but still looks chic.

    I can't rave enough about it! :heart::heart:
  6. My tracy is the large noir and gris vert one. I love it! It's almost too huge though because I get tempted to over stuff and have really tired arms by the day's end!
  7. It is a really roomy bag. Great for laptops, folders.