Tracy or Patsy???

  1. I am trying to choose a white bag for Summer....
    Tracy, Patsy or MJ Karolina ....Please vote to help me decide....thanks!
    7ss262-7s461 blanc (3).jpg 7ss274-7s462 blanc (3).jpg mjkarolina (2).jpg
  2. Since ure in the Chloe sub forum, i'll stick w/

    and it must be Tracy!!!i love the tracy..!!and the white one is just so cute:p
  3. My answer is too obvious: Tracy!
  4. My vote is the Tracy, it's so gorgeous. Plus the leather on the patsy is so soft that I would be afraid to have it n white because it may be prone to picking up dirt,dies(from jeans), and dust
  5. I was leaning towards Patsy....
  6. Tracy all the way!!!!
  7. I would go with tracy. It looks beautiful in white!
  8. Tracy or that order.;)
  9. patsy is better for me..
  10. Well, the Tracy has a beautiful design but is a heavier and bulkier bag, more structured.... my friend described it as clunky
    The Patsy is the opposite, it's light and supersoft, floppy when empty, I love it in white but I'm not crazy about the Chloe writing, I liked the older style better where the Chloe was on the bottom but I still love the bag.
    Hope this help in your decision, when in doubt order both :yes:
  11. Patsy for me.
  12. Patsy :smile:
  13. My vote is for tracy!
  14. I vote Tracy! Or MJ as a second choice. Not a fan of the bling on Patsy...
  15. The first time I saw that Patsy I didn't like it, but it has grown on me. I think it would be a fun summer bag. The Tracy is beautiful but my wardrobe is pretty laid back and it's too structured for me. MJ is nice but it looks too much like some of the Coach styles.

    Isn't the white Patsy on sale at Chloe Bahrain?? Good Luck! ;)