Tracy on Neiman : Hurry

  1. For free shipping use code NMSept:tup:
  2. Thanx for posting. I cannot believe these are popping up again! What a great deal!
  3. susieserb bought this one in the ivory and it is a spectacular bag IRL. She bought it around this price after the bag seemed to linger for months. I'm not sure I like it in whiskey as much after seeing the ivory, though.
  4. Amazing deal! :tup:
  5. Great find! Thanks for posting!
  6. I bought this bag in Ivory from last December! They shipped me "mastic" instead (it was Ivory) and it wasn't that pretty in real life. The Tracy leather is not as rich and thick as the Edith leather.
  7. It's still there......
  8. bump..
  9. They now have the ivory too! I'd get it but can't justify getting another bag. Hope a tpfer gets her. The ivory is so pretty irl.
  10. Want to, but cannot.:banned:from more purses till end of year.:girlsigh::hysteric: