Tracy Medium Zip Bag $658 NM

  1. still there!
  2. Cheaper......
  3. Still available...
  4. beautiful bag- wrong color and style for me right now... but gorgeous!
  5. still waiting for a good home....
  6. Some really needs to buy this! These are really nice irl.
  7. I would grab it if it were in the *whiskey/cognac/red (LOL)* color... just can't do an ivory bag right now...ouch that hurts!!! It IS so beautiful.
  8. It's still available, I was lucky enough to get this bag three weeks ago and the color wasn't as light as what the pic shows. It is more of a real pale beige, so much so that you could use it spring summer and fall. hope that helps for any of you on the fence..
  9. It is gone....sad the bag is soooo cute!