Tracy Family and the Black Sheep - Pics! Pics! Pics!

  1. Many of you know my obsession to the Tracy and in particular the large solid Whiskey Tracy with black trim. Well, I've completed my happy family! Please welcome my Tracys and the black sheep of the family, A FAKE MEDIUM WHISKEY TRACY that I tragically bought from eBay. I will be posting another thread with detailed pictures on this fakie later.



    Large Chocolate, Large Whiskey and Medium Whiskey/Tan (with flash)


    No flash





    Bonus Pic: THE BLACK SHEEP FAKIE with its' Authentic Counterpart!!! Thread to be opened with more info in a few.

  2. OMG--they are amazing!!!!!
  3. What a gorgeous collection you have!:heart:

    Except for the faker. Which would have fooled me too.:wtf:

    Can i be vice president of the tracy fan club? Cause I am really loving my large whiskey/tan Tracy to pieces. Tracy rocks!:yahoo:
  4. Your pictures are really well done, your bags look gorgeous - thanks for sharing!:heart: :love:

    Sorry to hear you got a fakie!!!:wtf:
  5. I love the trio so much!!

    The fake would have fooled me via internet photos but I'm sure you can tell the diff irl, when you can compare the hardware and leather.

    Bummer about the fake. Are you going to get a refund?

    I've noticed the tracy being faked on Amazon... and it is being replicated a lot too. Like the "contrast totes here:

    The Fashion - Designer Fashions - Hand Bags | Hype | Christiana

    My noir and gris vert tracy gets tons of compliments. It's a really versatile bag but it's so big that sometimes I overstuff it and my weak arm muscles are cursing me for the rest of the day.
  6. Wow, that fake one is hard to catch! That's terrible that they are making fakes so close to the real thing now. Yuck! The other real bags are amazingly beautiful. Congrats!
  7. Lovely collection eucalyptic! Sorry for the fakie! :wtf: That would have fooled me! Can you show us how you were able to tell?
  8. gorgeous!!! (and so sorry again about the fake).
  9. Yep, read through it. Thank you!

    I hope you can get your money back!!! I think you should file a claim with paypal and your credit card company! It's worth a try! That might scare the seller enough for her to reply! Show paypal the ioffer listing. Did you tell the seller you saw the bag on ioffer? Also, you should post a followup to your feedback! Hmm... she might just neg you for this.

    Can you post her eBay id so we are aware of her?
  10. I'm not sure what the forum policy is for posting eBay ids and I'd post it in a heartbeat if someone can tell me if doing so is not against any rule.

    Here's a link from iOffer of the fakie:

    iOffer: An easier way to buy and sell!

    I can't find the original link I saw with price and description.
  11. I think you can post other people's id if you are warning members about the seller. You just can't post your own. id

    Mods please correct me if I'm wrong.
  12. If you can, pls post the ebay seller's ID that sold you the fake Tracy so we can stay away.
  13. eBay seller was one4nine2. she is selling fake ediths, tons of fake vivienne westwood, burberry, juicy couture and jimmy choo bags.
  14. Hi eucalyptic,

    Gorgeous bags - thanks for sharing (and warning us about the seller on Ebay :sad: -sorry about that).

    I have to say I never paid any attention to the Tracy until this thread! You really make me want a big whisky or chocolate Tracy - its gorgeous! :love::love:

    How big is it? Will you post a modeling pic? Is it heavy? And last but not least - can I find one in the shops?