Tracy bag: do you like it??

  1. Hi!
    I have seen this new model IRL.... pretty but not pretty as Paddington or Edith..
    What do you think?
  2. Still not in yet at Harrods when I went two weeks ago, so I am looking forward to seeing it IRL, but if the pictures are anything to go by, its not a bag I am going to adore. Saying that, alot of the loveability of the Chloes come from the amazing leathers, so maybe it will be gorgeous.

    Looking forward to seeing somebody carrying it :smile:
  3. which one is it? can u post pic? :P
  4. its not my style.. :P
    i like edith more
  5. It's nice and big and slouchy but, at least the one that I picked up, had the most distinctive smell to it that I couldn't bear to hold it any longer. It was so weird!
  6. It doesn't look "chloe - like" to me, if that makes sense. It's looks somewhat generic (and I don't mean that in a mean sense, just the sense that it doesn't have a distinct look to it). Maybe in a different color I would like it? Like red?
  7. The top picture is not the same as the picture in the ad campaign. The picture in the ad campain is a two-tone Tracy and it looks fab! I spoke to the SA and the colors are black/gray, taupe/whiskey (or something like that), and something with the gris vert. Sounds interesting to me.
  8. I saw one in a beautiful cobalt color and thought the style was very classic and conservative.
  9. I was going to get one but not sure now - the handles are like the Betty, ie too wide and not quite long enough
  10. I agree, great looking bag. More structured than chloe smaller than Edith.
  11. In black it looks pretty masculine IMO, maybe I'd like it if it were another color.
  12. Doesn't do anything for me. The LVR website has some good pix of this design.
  13. It doesn't do it for me, not like the paddy..:love:
    Though I do prefer the Chloe ad pic with the suede pocket flap.:yes:
  14. Looks too shiny, looks different from the ad.