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  1. I am new to Juicy Couture and would like to know where I could purchase Juicy track suits for under retail. I'd appreciate if anyone could provide some authentic sites.

    Oh yeah, how is the sizing for tracksuits? Does it run big or small?

  2. ebay comes to mind but it is such a minefield re: fakes...
    try revolve clothing, they have good sales:
    and i am not in the USA but some of the girls here talk about nordstrom rack and the sale items of the big department stores.
  3. re: sizing, in my personal experience, the jackets run small and the pants run big!
  4. yup, agree with you dragonette!
  5. there was just a sale the other day on rue la la for juicy tracksuits and shirts. you have to be on the look out for the sales and bloomingdales has great sales. its the only way i buy my juicy clothing... on sale! lolol
    oh the sizing is the same as mentioned, fitted on top and big on bottom.
  6. I would say the jackets run small and the pants pretty tru to size. I am a 6 and were a medium/large for the top and just moving into the mediums for the bottom. I have close to 8 tops and I LOVE THEM. great with jeans and a tank. Nordstromcom always has great sales on them and also the juicy website. Good luck. XOXO BI
  7. I have two hoodies, i take an XL and they are fitting on me. To compaire what size i am, i am a size medium top at abercrombie&fitch/ hollister/ american eagle...So the tops run about two sizes small. I have never tryed on bottoms.
  8. Bloomingdales defiently has good sales on them! (: