Tracking shows package was delivered... but I never received!

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  1. I bought a few items and long story short, the package never arrived, yet on the delivery confirmation it says that it's been delivered! I believe the seller may have forgotten to put the suite number. Now someone else has my package I don't know if I'll ever see my money again. My question is can I file a claim on paypal? Since it was an address different from my primary one, it's an unconfirmed address (I live at school currently). I have no idea what to do!! I have never been in this situation before, if anyone can give me some advice I would greatly appreciate it!!
  2. Can you ask around your building? When I was in a similar situation I asked my nearby neighbors and, sure enough, one of them had my package! He had signed for it not realizing it wasn't meant for him and didn't bother to check the name and address. Fortunately, he also hadn't opened it. So give it a shot and you may get lucky!
  3. you need to go to the PO and get them to ask your mail man about this and where he left it.

    I had a similar situation and it took them 3 weeks to recover my package.
  4. Oh no~
    I'm so sorry this happened to you!! You should definitely go to the PO ASAP
  5. One question- does the tracking system say "package arrived at zipcode *****" or does it actually say "package delivered"? Some people confuse the first message with a package being delivered when really it has only made it to your local Post Office.

    I know this is a long shot but you'd be surprised how many people get this confused! If this is in fact not the case I would get down to the Post Office ASAP as previously mentioned and start the process.
  6. i was in the same situation and never got my package (worth 200). it said "delievered to xxxx(my zipcode)", no stating sign by who....and just gone...
    hope you get it back
  7. Yeah, it says that it has arrived at my city and zipcode. I have a feeling that the seller didn't put the suite number and that my package is lost. How do I track it at the PO??
  8. If this is all it say, it just may still be at the post office. :yes: They scan it when it arrives at your local post office, and then it normally goes with the carrier the next normal deliver day.

    Good luck!
  9. Unfortunately this happened to me too. US mail, right? You have to go down and fill out a form with the post office. It is a huge pain. They still didn't find my stuff but the postal carriers don't leave stuff in my lobby anymore without permission.
  10. This is what it says:

    " Your item was delivered at 8:52 AM on January 25, 2008 in XXXXX, CA XXXXX."

    so that means it's been delivered somewhere?
  11. If the seller shipped the item thru the PayPal shipping system, she still have documentation to where exactly she sent it. Ask her to provide you with the exact address she used. If she don't cooperate try asking your post man. He may remember. Also PayPal may not help you here unless the item was more than $200, because if it was seller was supposed to use signature confirmation. Good Luck!
  12. Eep, I hope that it turns up! I agree, call your post office. I had a package shipped UPS (to me) and it was delivered to the wrong address...I was tracking it online and it said that it was delivered, only it was not delivered to me. I had to call UPS and file a claim and they were going to have the driver come out and figure out what he did. Our street is off another street that has a house with the same number as ours...I saw a box sitting on their front porch so I went to check it out on my own. Sure enough, it was my package.
  13. To update, the post office said that the seller did not put the suite number so the package is being sent back to the seller. However, it's been almost two weeks and the seller is telling me that it still hasn't come. And the tracking won't update. I'm very suspicious now... what should I do??
  14. well wait a little longer because you still have time to file a claim with paypal and see what happens. I know its a pain. I just had this happen when I bought something. The seller sent it to me twice to the wrong address. Finally got it month later. It took about 2 weeks or so for her to receive it back.
  15. Okay, thanks!