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  1. Has anyone recently ordered by phone through Gucci boutique SA? I ordered a pair of shoes to be shipped from NYC to TX. However, he said that they are "not allowed" to give out tracking information. He was able to tell me that they use FedEx. I'm just a bit perplexed as to the reason for this policy. It's Christmas time and shipping is very hectic. I do not want my leasing office to lose the package.
  2. Yes this is true. I also ordered from 2 different SA's from different states and I was told the same thing. They said it's a security measure. Still can't figure out why they can't provide the info. I mean it was for ""me" and I gave them "my" info. Go figure!
  3. Doesn't make sense. Without the tracking info, then how do you know when you should expect the package, and maybe stay at home so that you can be there when the courier arrives?
  4. I too recently ordered with a SA over the phone since we do not have boutique here in Birmingham, AL. I ordered yesterday and requested 2 day shipping, got a text today from Fedex to expect delivery tomorrow by 8pm. I will be wroking from home so that I don't not miss being here to sign for it. Could've had it sent to work but that's almost more hassle. Either way can't wait! I was able to grab the large soho shoulder (chain) that was on sale but sold out online! :biggrin:
  5. I have placed a couple of phone orders with Gucci Sale Associates and every time they tell me they are unable to disclose the tracking # . Thus, I end up calling FEDEX and they will tell you the expected delivery date. It also helps if you know the shipping detail, such as Ground, Two-day, etc,. Good Luck!
  6. yes, when I had ordered from an SA, they gave me tracking info after I had already received the package. It sat outside my front door all night because I didn't know it was there. these were some chanel shoes... But I can see why they don't want to give the info.
  7. Thank you all for your feedback. I have concluded that it's just a weird "security" policy. He says I should expect the package to arrive today. I hope to see it!
  8. Ordered a key case a couple of days ago and was surprised to discover this weird shipping policy. The only way to track the shipment is through Gucci webpage and it looks like this:
    I also wrote to them and got this “for security reasons” reply. Never encountered anything like this before. Somehow Net-a-Porter, MyTheresa and 24Sevres manage to deliver expensive goods while providing a UPS/DHL tracking number. And my order is not even a particularly expensive one!
    Gonna contact UPS as soon as I see that the package is in my country. Hopefully I’m gonna be able to receive it...