Tracking info when doing a store phone order?

  1. I had my tote shipped to a local boutique. With the holidays and all I didn't want to have it sent to work and we are still trying to find a box that arrived at my apt office but they "lost." The SA I ordered from (over the phone as it wasn't a local store) said I should get an email with tracking info. I haven't gotten anything yet. Any ideas on how to get it?
  2. I have called the toll free number for coach and gave them my information and they were able to give me my tracking information.
  3. it usually takes a few hours for it to send u the info
  4. I ordered the bag on Wed morning so it's been about 51 hours now :sad:
  5. OK, I'll try that when I get back from lunch. Thanks. I don't have any kind of an order number. Do you think that'll be a problem?
  6. oh wow that sucks. they might have gotten ur email address wrong or maybe there were so many orders on wednesday they didnt fill it yet?
  7. i've had this happen to me before too, and they had sent all the tracking info to an email address that was lonnnnnnnnnng gone, so I never recieved the info. make sure the store has your updated email addy.
  8. you can call jax and give them your last name and zip code. You do not need the order number, they will give that to you. I do it ALL the time! I only get the email PART of the time.
  9. Whoo hoo! That worked! Thanks SO much. It's in transit. It left FL yesterday and left Memphis this morning. It's due to arrive by 4:30 next Wed.