Tracking Details not Updating - Advise needed please!

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    So I bought a purse from eBay from a very reputable seller. I paid for it on September 3rd and I received an email through Google checkout on Sept 5th that it is being shipped. Well, it is now Sept 12 (7 days after) and the USPS website has not been updated at all! I get the following message:

    Status: Electronic Shipping Info Received

    The U.S. Postal Service was electronically notified by the shipper on September 5, 2008 to expect your package for mailing. This does not indicate receipt by the USPS or the actual mailing date. Delivery status information will be provided if / when available. Information, if available, is updated every evening. Please check again later.

    So i emailed the seller to find out what was going on and I get this message from her:

    Hi, Once again, this is normal. It will update once you recieve it. Thanks

    First of all, I'm not sure why she says "once again". That would imply I've asked her this question before which I havn't. And second of all, I have never heard of tracking not updating until I receive the package!!! I mean isnt that the whole point of tracking, to see where the package is?! :rolleyes: I have another tracking# from another purse I bought (different seller) also sent through USPS and it has all the nice little steps it's gone through on it's way to me, in fact it was sent Sept 9th and it's already here at the post office! And it was sent from the same place.

    Any thoughts? Should I just accept this as a response? I'm not pleased and I feel like she's treating me like some amateur buyer that doesnt know what they are doing.

    Any advise would be appreciated.
  2. SpecialK - the USPS doesn't provide true tracking of a package (like a Fedex or UPS). In fact, it's not called tracking. The "official" USPS product is called Delivery Confirmation. The intent is to provide notice of when a package was delivered, not show the packages progress prior to delivery. (however, if the package is scanned while in process, the online system will be updated might show interim delivery information)

    So your seller is, in fact, providing you accurate information.

    Hope this helps a bit.

  3. Delays I can deal with, that's out of the seller's hands. My issue is with her response "This is normal and it will update once I receive it". I'm sorry but that is NOT normal. Seller is in NY, so no way should it take so long.
  4. So you're saying the item may or may not be scanned? It's random? I've never heard of that, that's so pointless.

    I guess it's coincidence that every single item I've bought from the US has shown updates because this is the first time I've come across this.
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    It happens more so with Priority mail packages. And if the postage was printed online rather than purchased at the post office, it will not be scanned if the seller drops the package off at the post office. (which it sounds like your seller did based on the message you are getting)

    Packages sent internationally using express mail seem to be scanned more frequently. Not sure how most US sellers ship to you in Cananda so if you typically receive packages sent express mail rather than priority, that might explain the differences.

    ETA: Just want to make it clear my comments are based on both my personal experience and published information from the USPS.
  6. Hmmmm, ok. Thanks for the info. Most of my sellers do ship priority from what I've noticed but I believe most of them do it the old fashion way of going to the post office and purchasing there. I guess I'll be patient. Learning more and more about the US postal system.
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    For some reason - I can also track package - every step of the way to my door. Others I cannot - and they are only updated when I receive them (which I think is quite pointless)

    There have been seriously delays with USPS.

    Your seller may have confused you with another buyer - in regards to the "AGAIN" part of the response from her. However - it may also show you that she mailed out other items - and they are delayed too.

    Also keep in mind that it may not affect you - but there are serious storms, hurricanes, etc. going on around the US and this also might be delaying the shipping. I understand that your package is just coming from NY but for some reason - it is even causing delays for me too (in NYC)
    So hang in there and Congrat's on your item :smile:
  8. I am having this same problem as a seller :sad: I shipped a bag on September 3rd and she still has not gotten it and USPS has not updated their system ... I shipped Priority with Ins and Signature Conf :confused1:
  9. I'm still waiting on my priority package too. Sent out on the 5th also, and the info has not updated. :sad:
  10. The USPS offers Delivery Confirmation.. unfortunately that doesn't equal TRACKING. The information may or may not update until delivered.

    But also just to let you know, just because you get that message doesn't mean the seller shipped your item out. Once someone purchases the shipping label through paypal, paypal shoots USPS a note basically alerting them that a package should be mailed out shortly. Now whether it actually ends up being sent out is obviously in the sellers hands.
  11. Yeah, I guess it would have been nice to receive a more descriptive message from the seller other than "it will update when you receive it". Like, dont worry, I shipped it out on the 5th or ooops, it's still sitting here waiting for pick up!
  12. SpecialK..

    The exact same problem is happening to me! Im wondering if I will ever see my new bag?
    My seller sent it out to me from the US on August 26th. To this day, the tracking still shows the same message that you are getting.
    According to the USPS time frame for international Priority, I should have recieved it by now. Both the seller and I have called USPS about it and first they said that it was 'In transit', but when I called yesterday to ask about it again, they said that the tracking only indicates that the seller advised them to expect the parcel but they cant tell if they actually did.
    This is the first time ever that I have had problems with the tracking not being updated. Its frustrating as no one seems to know where my parcel is, but its definatley not in the UK.
    I dont think I will ever get my bag now as its been 17 days when the time frame was 6-10 working days.:tdown:
  13. ^
    same here, tracking states order submitted 7 Sept (from Canada) the parcelforce website states accepted from customer and since then nothing, this was for EMS which is usually pretty reliable, looks like the packets hasn't even left Canada yet and xpress post should only take 4 days to the UK, seller also took 14 days to ship the bag, don't think I'll see that bag anytime soon :sad: Halzer hope your bag turns up soon
  14. I am sorry to hear this and thanks for all the useful info! Well, it is not the US alone who is having delays. I shipped an item to a buyer in Spain which left Sweden on the 19th of August....entering Spain on the 22d......still not reach the buyer so she has opened a PP claim (I don´t blame her!). This is awful, and I know Spain is a slow country (no offence) with not so efficient government sectors but this long????????